Clients and Customers from the Community

“So… Who Have you Worked with?” 

We hear it all time….

Here is a collection of some of our recent recording studio clients, music video participants, and companies we’ve worked with in the past.

We have had a lot of experience with different types of customers and people from all walks of life. From commercial recording, to artists and musicians, we really appreciate the business and projects we’ve been a part of over the years. Since 2009 we’ve been doing the best we can and keeping the door open for future artists and customers from the community.
You’re in good company.
We’ve worked with material destined for big Brands like Netflix, Nokia, Microsoft, Samsung, NFL, CBS, BET, and technology and recordings used by companies like Apple, Google, Facebook, and Amazon.

Tom Holland (Actor)
Senator Sherrod Brown US Senator
Penguin Random House Book Publishing Company
Capitol Federal (Bank/ Financial Services) Commercial Client
Modern Baseball Rock Band
Neighbor Up Spotlight Community Podcast
Leonard Dozier: Voice Over Coach
Geraldo Rivera (Celebrity)
Cael Johnson
Public Access
Cloud Nothings Band From Cleveland
Senator Nina Turner
Signals Midwest Band From Cleveland
Saintseneca (Band From Ohio)
Meridian (Band from Ohio)
Shale Satans Band From Cleveland
Lowly the Tree Ghost Band From Cleveland
Ma Holos (Band)
Nico Missile Band
Wolf Teeth (Band)
Ottawa (Band)
Jivviden (Band)
Cleveland Public Theater
Cleveland Radio Players (Theatrical Group)
Moonshine Kingdom (feature film)
Vibe & Direct Band From Cleveland
Tiny Engine Records
Two Hand Fools
Machine Gun Kelly
Grog Shop
The Village Bicycle
Lighthouse and the Whaler
WMC Fest
Quality Time Records
Director Craig George
Director Raymond Bobgan
Shady Ave
Medical Information Systems, Inc
Forte Nox Productions
Sonder Bombs (Band)
Purple Films
Alysa Higgins
Daddy Long Legs (Funk Group)
Xellex (Rapper)
Romona Robinson (Celebrity TV Host)
Jack and Jill Organization
Big Nomad (Rapper)
Democratic National Committee (Cuyahoga County)
BBC News (News Organization)
CVS Caremark
Mary Glover (Gospel Artist)
Freelance Philosophers
John Marshall Media
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (Museum)
Suitcase Runaway (Band)
Retro Wolves (Hip Hop Group)
Powerbomb (Feature Film)
Jon Morton (Electric Eels Band) and X_X Band
North Water Partners (Ad Agency and Video Production)
Dennis Castiglione (Voice Over Artist and Actor)
Heritor Watches (Commercial Voice Over
Ohio City Inc. (Civic Organization)
Seafair (Rock Band)
Reverse the Curse (Rock Band)
Tom Evanchuck (Musician)
Saintseneca (Band)
Shale Satans
Lowly the Tree Ghost
Mild Animals (Band)
Cleveland Public Theater
Cleveland Radio Players
Moonshine Kingdom (Feature Film)
Vibe and Direct
Dana Toro
Tiny Engines Record Label
Reverse the Curse
Tom Evanchuck
Two Hand Fools (Cleveland Musicians)
Grog Shop
The Village Bicycle
Lighthouse and the Whaler
WMC Fest
Quality Time Records
Director Craig George
Director Raymond Bobgan
Shady Ave
Medical Information Systems, Inc
Forte Nox Productions
Dennis Castiglione
Collin Hoffman
Essential Groove
Old Boy (Cleveland Musician)
Nicky English
Pat Mulloy
Alarm Clocks
Nick Zuber
Ultra ultra (Cleveland Musician)
Tian El
Living Stereo
Jordan Castro
Max Stern (Cleveland Musician)
Compass Audio
Mary’s Lane
Steve Perino (Cleveland Musician)
Brad Baskin
Molly Lape (Cleveland Musician)
Geeked Up
Winters Warm
Joe Yezbak
Owen Mattison
Lost Jon and the Ghosts
Post Vinyl (Cleveland Musician)
Brady Payne
Humble G
Nude Acid American Revolution in Love Band
Ashley Banks
Moving Circles
Thaddeous Greene
Great Lakes Pipe Band (Cleveland Musicians)
Jon Meader
The Wall Street Journal
Dave Pollster (Cleveland Musician)
Eric Muth (Cleveland Musician)
Paul Fresty
Justin Market
Tracy Morgan Freeman
Savage Highway (Cleveland Musician)
Xela (Cleveland Musician)
Combo Kikio
Sharpen Your Eyes
Bernie Sanders
Chris Fohring (Bed Whistle)
Booby Trap
Cherry Cola Champions
Listen Little Man (Cleveland Musicians)
Wagon Wheel Productions
Hive Robbers
David Tubbins
Dan Smith
Music Coop
Christian Watson
Wolf Creek
Mark Whalen
Jon Pho (Weevil)
HUNGR (Cleveland Musician)
Lexi Umoer
Dead Sweaters
Time Cat
Wild Orphans
Ryan Kralik
Two Tacos
Amy Wainwright
Traditional Italian Band
Jake Scott
Nicholas Cage
William Defoe
The Cleveland Browns
Revolution Brass Band
Michael Atkinson
Constance anna
Healing Power
Lady G
Lebron James
Dead Boys Can’t Fly
Shred Rot
Friendly Ghosts
Gentlemen of Leisure
Nick Scotsee
Austin Lawrence
Animal Electric
David Resnik
Matt Hectorne
Good Knights
Don’t Fight Eat Fudge
The Heel
Dead Buckey 6
Jeff Powers
The Brothers Kasich
Erienauts (Cleveland Musician)
Blk Sun Child (Brooklyn Musician)
Black Water
Lorenz Sruggs
Jesse Brazier
Jamie Wallace
Ryan McNulty
Marcus Smith
James Miller
Carrie Ryan
James Pearson
Ty Da Snake
Car Park Records
Ricky’s Heart
Chris Anderson
Tribe of Shamans
Wasted Blood
Uptowne Buddha
Peter McDermott
Black Jack Symphony (Metal)
Hot Ham and Cheese
Small Wood House
Turnaround McFly
Austin Stanbaugh
Household Entertainment
Reliable Snow Plows
Fire Death
Will Hooper
Matt Schuermann
Lowercase Roses
Wesley Who
Shadow Division
Preston Rhyze
Grievance Club
Sexy Pig Divas
Who Hit Me
Sam Hooper
Director Milton Horowitz
Brett Wholesome
Jack and The Bear
The Lonely Kids Club
the trash
The Ridges
Christian L Watson
Lucky Ones
E+ Band
Wolf Creek
Tracy Morgan Freeman
Tim Conti
The Pearsons
The Ohioans
The Hive Robbers
The Good Nights
The Animal Electric
Smug Saints
Sara Green
Ryan Kralik
Rich Lowrie
Red Bicycle Media
Rebecca Kopcienski
Poland Invasion
Orange High School
Nikki Bennet
Music Co-Op
Moons of Saturn
Michael Coleman
Michael Atkinson
Matt Miller
Mary’s Lane
Marlon Smith
Le Brown
Lady G
Kandet Kante
Kalm Talent Group
Justin Dunn
Joshua Robert
John Pfanz
Jeff Powers
Jake Scott
Friendly Ghosts
Ellison Management
Edward Planisek
DJ Lewis
Decision Desk
Dead Boys Can’t Fly
David Tubbins
David Resnik
Crooked Hero
Baylen Wherry
Annette Fernandez
Amy wainwright
Alley People
Alexandria Pilla
Cloud Nothings


Clients at Bad Racket Recording Studio Cleveland
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Musicians at Bad Racket Recording Studio in Cleveland
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Music Recording Clients at Bad Racket a Cleveland Recording STudio
Music Recording Clients at Bad Racket a Cleveland Recording Studio
Music Recording Clients at Bad Racket a Cleveland Recording STudio
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