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Bad Racket: Cleveland Recording Studio 2220 Superior Ave. E. Suite 204 Cleveland, Ohio, 44114 CALL: (216) 309-2882

Bad Racket is a recording studio in Cleveland, Ohio. We do voice recording and music recording mostly, but also audio for podcasts, commercial voice-over, and many other recording studio related and post production services. Our professional recording studio located in downtown Cleveland, Ohio is is the ears best choice for high quality recording, post production, and mastering. In addition to audio, we have a major connection to Cleveland's Film and Commercial production community. From script-writing and film and video production to sound and audio production for video.
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Custom Amplifier Cabinets

We make our custom amplifier cabinets out of the finest components; Using high grade all birch plywood and the best sounding speakers available, with over-engineered designs. When constructing our custom amplifier cabinets, whether for Guitar Amplifiers, Bass Amplifiers, or an installed PA System, we won’t cut any corners with materials. Whether you are after classic vintage tones, a tight modern and punchy sound, we will work with you to deliver a cabinet that suits your specific needs; No matter if you want darker or brighter drivers, an open or closed back enclosure, extended low-frequency response, etc. While most mass manufactured speaker enclosures use cheap fiberglass as damping we use Rockwool, a better performing, and more even acoustic treatment material. You can choose your speakers, tolex, grill cloth, piping, feet, handles, and any other hardware for any design of our Custom Amplifier Cabinets. For a quote on custom amplifier cabinets contact Henri

Each cabinet is carefully designed to your general specifications. We use only the best materials and highest quality hand-made manufacturing techniques to custom craft your very own tone. We like to ask customers to make a playlist of your favorite guitar songs of all time to inspire the design process and help us create something really special.

With endless options, your custom crafted piece will be one of a kind, and we guarantee we will never craft a second unless you and you alone ask for it. We can design and build any guitar or bass cabinet you could imagine. From 6×12 guitar cabinets to 8×10 Bass Cabinets, we will make your customized music gear exactly to your specifications and to meet your specific needs for the ultimate personalized rig.

Firstly, we review your order and determine the general dimensions of your project. Some sizes or shapes may not be the best for a given speaker configuration so carefully reviewing the design for accuracy and determining the proper specifications to meet your needs is important.

We then build your custom equipment within 4-8 weeks. Then its time to test and review your sound. The speaker requires a little bit of break in time usually, and this is a great time to review your design and determine if any modifications can be made to improve the sound. Sometimes different speakers can be tried out to brighten the tone or make it darker or more crisp.

In addition to the sound, we can also add any color tolex or a variety of handle styles including leather, brass handles and cutouts. We can help you custom craft your piece to the final detail in the exact color and finish you want.


Whether your looking for a hand-made custom guitar cabinet, or a premium construction technique using birch ply, there are endless options with speaker choices. Designing the best possible cabinet to meet your needs is our goal.

Custom Amplifier Cabinet

Guitar Amp Cab by Henri Rapp with AKG C414 EB Mic

Guitar Amp Cab by Henri Rapp with AKG C414 EB Mic

Guitar Cabinet made by Henri Rapp in Cleveland Ohio from Bad Racket Recording Studios Cleveland Ohio

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