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Whether you’re a seasoned pod-caster, or just starting out, we can offer a professional touch, and relaxed space for your podcast. We can even do phone patch, post-production, sound effects, etc. There’s a lot of noise out there, and you want your voice to be heard and stand out from the crowd!

We regularly produce podcasts radio dramas, and commercial radio shows for digital distribution and later broadcast. We can record multiple people for a discussion including host and guest, callers, and music. Afterwards we can edit the tracks so that each person is clearly heard, and any extra noises or open microphones are muted when they arent nessiscary. We can edit out coughs, stumbles over words, and fine tune the final priejct, layering sound effecgts and music in, or adding any effects you might want. We can record 6 or more people at once.

We have a lot of experience recording different types of materla, and we can offer professional advice to promoting and marketing your show. Please contact us if you have any questions or to further discuss your project! 216 309 2882

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