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You may have not heard of our Cleveland recording studio, but you’ve heard stuff we’ve worked on. We have experience almost every project type imaginable including Music, Commercials, Video, Films, and TV.  We’re excited to hear your next big idea and help you with whatever you need! #contact us

Bad Racket Recording Studio has been a staple of the Cleveland  recording and production scene and production industry for more than a decade. A one stop shop for recording quality audio for anything from recording voice and musical albums, performance videos, podcasts, commercial voice over, ADR, or any other type of project. Since 2009, we have been recording, mixing, and mastering and our studio location in Euclid just 15 minutes from downtown Cleveland Ohio. Our multi-room recording facility that includes an 1000 square foot live room (great for drums & classical ensembles), acoustically accurate control room, multiple isolation rooms, client lounge, and extensive high end equipment collection, we are ready to tackle any project. We look at each projects unique vision and requirements and work with you to lay out a plan to deliver high quality result you can be proud of. We are ultimately not just capturing a performance, but a moment in time with a unique sonic aesthetic that helps support the heart and soul of your performance. Come craft a memorable recording at Bad Racket with a big, bold, gritty, and authentic energy embodied in it.

Our Recording Engineers & Producers offer unrivaled expertise gained from decades of working in the audio and video production industry. Each of our audio engineers has a unique perspective and types of work they specialize in. This gives us the flexibility to provide a custom-crafted response to every project, whether a musical album, sound design, ADR, or audio post-production mixing for a narrative film, or producing a corporate podcast; We have done it all. When it comes to music production, our producers know the ins and outs of every genre, from Gritty Lofi Rock, to Pop, Modern Metal, Hip-Hop, & Classical Music.

Our selection of professional recording equipment takes a hybrid approach featuring both high end analog gear paired with the latest digital software and best analog equipment available. Even as far as digital audio technology has come, it’s hard to deny the sonic benefits of an all analog front end;


High quality audio gear is great, but it will only sound as good as the acoustic spaces you are recording and mixing inside; Fortunately Bad Racket is one of the best treated studios in Ohio, yielding extremely accurate acoustics from the high frequencies down to the harder to control subs. When it comes to mixes translating to playback systems outside the studio (your car, headphone, and home stereos of the world) this is the biggest factor.


These tools are only as good as the experience to know how to use them in each scenario, so contact us to discuss your unique project. We can work with you to create a plan to bring your project to the next level. We let our music recording reel & Commercial Recording Reel speak for themselves.   if you have any questions or want to see the Cleveland Recording Studio in person .  …learn more about Bad Racket

recording studio near cleveland bad racket is clevlenads best creative recording space for audio and video podcasting commercial voice over and music production in cleveland full service recording studio for recording and post production
recording booth
large recording studio at bad racket recording studio cleveland ohio rap hip hop classic rock metal classical recording podcast commercial recording with experienced audio engineer

Sound and Audio Recording near Cleveland Ohio

Bad Racket Recording Studio is located in Euclid, Ohio at 26991 Tungsten Rd. near Cleveland, Ohio. We offer a wide variety of sound recording services services, so if you aren’t seeing something feel free to contact us to ask about your project’s specific needs. We are a full service commercial recording studio and audio production facility with an emphasis on music production and commercial audio. Whether you’re traveling to Cleveland to record, or looking for an on location commercial recording or music video, we have the flexibility to accommodate a variety of audio and video projects.


Our recording process begins with capturing your performance in a professionally designed acoustic space with the best recording tools possible.  We ensure you have the perfect take and the right sound for your project as we move into the finished product. …more about recording

Mixing Audio

Using tools the latest tools like Pro Tools, Logic X, effects like multiband processing, equalizers, compression, Autotube Pitch Correction (when appropriate), expansion, limiting, saturation, reverb, delay, modulation, or distortion we can enhance and adjust each instrument or vocal track, as well as create unique environments and textures within the sonic landscape.  ...more about mixing audio.


Mastering is the final stage before release.  It can make your audio clearer and more balanced, the overall volume and dynamics are adjusted, and conforming to specs for it’s delivery destination. Mastering can bring more continuity between songs, and bring out a hidden gem in a lackluster mix. We can master all types of music from jazz and classical, to rap and rock styles, for vinyl, CD, or digital release …more about mastering near Cleveland


We help you translate your artistic vision to a recorded format with an appropriate sonic aesthetic. Every project is unique, and we give the same care to smaller productions in the recording booth, as large multi-day recording sessions in our large live performance area …more about music production

Voice-Over Recording  Commercial Recording Audiobook Recording  Podcast Recording

We can provide high quality professional studios for voice overs, ADR, and sound, for commercials, radio, television, film, or the various other media productions like audio books, podcasts, etc. We are ready for producing high quality audio recordings for release.

Video Production

Whether you are looking to do a music video, live performance video in the studio, or video on location, our team of experienced videographers & production crew have you covered. We offer high quality audio and video services to Cleveland and the North East Ohio area …more about video production

Audio Post-Production for Video

Having clear audio in audio to go along with your video is important. Using tools to control tonal balance and dynamics, as well as audio restoration techniques, your dialog will sound great! From there we add in foley, sound effects, ambiences, and music to really make it shine. Finalized by mixing it will leave balanced and to spec. …more about audio post production

And Many More Audio Production Services…

Discover more ways we can help you, and explore production options. We have a large network of team members across the world, so we find the right team, perfect talent, for great looking video and best sounding audio.  It’s easy and fun to work with us! More …studio services and project types

Videos From Our Recording Studio: ‘Live From Bad Racket’ Video Series

‘Live from Bad Racket’ videos is a series live performance music videos from the main sound stage in our studio close to Cleveland.  Our award winning video series features intimate performances brought to you from a wide variety bands across numerous styles of music, The series showcases emerging artists from the global music community bring well crafted recordings ‘Live From Bad Racket’ deliver straight to your home via the magic of the internet!

Recording at our Studio near Cleveland, OH Area or Working Remotely

Need photography or video production services for crewing your web video, commercial, performance video, or live event coverage? We have just the people to help you out! Need something a live broadcast? Take the studio to you with our remote audio services, as well as in-house music production. From the custom built 3 way studio monitors in our control room, to the analog gear, digital tools, & the large live recording room, our audio engineers are equipped with everything you need for recording, editing, mixing, sound design, and mastering music.

Rap Recording Studio near Cleveland

Recording Music and Speech

Meridian Ohio Band Recording At Bad Racket Studios near Cleveland

Recording Instruments like Drums, Guitar, Bass, etc

Voice Over Podcast Recording Audio Book Recording

Voice Over Podcast Recording Audio Book Recording studio Cleveland

Band in Cleveland Recording Studio

Mixing and Post Production

Recording Vocals with Neumann U87 Studio Microphone

Recording, Mixing, and Mastering

Tracking Guitar Live in the Control Room

Music and Creative Content Production

These photos from our recording studio near Cleveland and in Euclid features local, regional, and national musicians. We also often work with nationally recognized talent recording dialog for animations, voiceovers, ADR, & interviews with sports legends, politicians, actors & actresses, etc. We have worked on a wide variety of music recordings as well as commercial work and voice-over. Check out some photos from what we’ve been up to or check out our facebook, instagram, and our youtube channel.

Who We Are: Audio Engineers near Cleveland OH & Music Producers

Our team includes highly experienced audio engineers, music producers, and video professionals on staff from our recording studio just 15 min from downtown Cleveland, as well as numbers to call when a production need a larger crew. We do recording, mixing, mastering, and post-production for audio and video; producing the highest quality content from our Cleveland based Bad Racket Recording Studios.

James Kananen- Audio Engineer and Record Producer Recording Mixing and Mastering Engineer 215

James Kananen – Recording Engineer / Owner

“I offer recording, mixing, or mastering to help craft a professional work you can be proud of from our Recording Studios near Cleveland, Ohio . Audio recording, mixing, and post-production for sound is my passion. Let’s get to know one another! “

Read More About James Kananen
Brit Fox Creative Music Production and Sound Design for TV and Film 215

Brit Fox – Music Producer & Composer

As a an award winning Producer and Engineer, Brit Fox is a brings world class production and arrangement to our studio in Cleveland. She produces original music, does sound design, sound recording, and audio engineering for music production for TV, video and music

Read More About Brit Fox
Henri Rapp Film Sound Specialist & Commercial Audio Engineer

Henri Rapp – Film Sound Recordist & Music Producer

While most of what I do these days is as a sound recordist for video production, I still love recording rock bands. Every choice I make during production in the recording studio helps brings together a powerful representation of your performance in the final product.

Read More About Henri Rapp
Hunter Prunty VIdeo Assist VIdeo Film TV

Hunter Prunty – Videographer

“I enjoy the process of capturing performances whether they manifest in a musical arrangement or audio-visual experience. Audio and video recording is my passion, and I’m ready to bring my hard-working, youthful energy to your project.

Read More About Hunter Prunty
Evan Prunty Video Editor Cleveland Film TV Video

Evan Prunty – Video Director

” I have been working professionally with cameras and video since 2001, and continue to find ways to create better content every day.  I can offer inspiring videographer and camera operation as well as stunning editing and video post production to your project.”

Read More About Evan Prunty

Let’s schedule a time for you to see how we can help with your project with services from our recording studio near Cleveland, Ohio.

Our team is dedicated to your bringing you artistic vision into reality. We can help you make the right choices to really make your material shine, all from our studio near Cleveland, Ohio, or remotely on location anywhere in the world!

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