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Using EQ in Mixing

Equalization is process of adjusting the highs and lows and everything in between

The Loudness War Debate Explained

What the debate is all about, and how loud tracks can sound bad, or ok.

DIY Band Hack: Marketing your music to Left of the Dial Radio Stations

Get your band noticed with DIY marketing to college radio stations

Vinyl Mastering: A Guide to Creating the Best LPs Possible

Dave Polster explains how mastering for vinyl can make your tracks sound great on wax.

Henri Rapp on building a pair of Hi-Fi DIY Studio Monitors

Henri Rapp details his design and construction on his custom studio monitors.

Studio Monitor Construction

Several Different Drum Samples Free to Use for your Music Production.

These free to use drum samples can be used for your Rock, Pop, Hardcore, Punk, or Electronic EDM music.

Slate Trigger WAVs of Gretsch Kick Drum

Drum Samples

Drum Samples Pack

Live Recording Room with Drums

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Diy Studio Monitors

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Studio Layout

Recording Studio Design