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Bad Racket: Cleveland Recording Studio 2220 Superior Ave. E. Suite 204 Cleveland, Ohio, 44114 CALL: (216) 309-2882

Bad Racket is a recording studio in Cleveland, Ohio. We do voice recording and music recording mostly, but also audio for podcasts, commercial voice-over, and many other recording studio related and post production services. Our professional recording studio located in downtown Cleveland, Ohio is is the ears best choice for high quality recording, post production, and mastering. In addition to audio, we have a major connection to Cleveland's Film and Commercial production community. From script-writing and film and video production to sound and audio production for video.

Pictures from Bad Racket Recording Studio: Cleveland, Ohio

These are recording studio photos from Bad Racket in Cleveland, Ohio. We have many different types of customers from all different backgrounds, and we enjoy working with new and different people. It keeps things fresh and interesting around here at the recording studio located near downtown Cleveland.

Most of these photos were taken by Evan Prunty from Black Valve Media

Studio Photos
Guitar and Bass
Recording Studio Sessions

Bad Racket is Cleveland’s premier recording studio downtown. We offer a full suite of music and voice recording services to take your project to the next level. We do music production, voice over ADR, live music recording, from tracking and overdubbing, to mixing, editing and mastering, We help craft your small or large project with our state of the art control room, vocal booth, live recording room, and recording space to accomodate practically any project. This climate and sound controlled environment is perfect for commercial voice over, recording, and overdubs for artists, bands, singer songwriters, and ADR talent. Our state of the art professional recording environment is open to new projects with the highest level of production. We offer the highest quality services to the Television, Film, Video game and Music industries, and offer standard recording, and phone patch options as well as source connect which allows you to connect with any producer or studio in the world. This ISDN alternative service is perfect for your next commercial Voice over or ADR session. As always, we can email your or burn a CD of your work. Please contact us directly if you have any questions or need more information about our services or facility. If you’d like to learn more about Recording and Mixing Sound for Film at Bad Racket, click the link.

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