Recording Sound for Film or Video at Bad Racket Recording Studios Cleveland


Post Production for Feature Film is Easy at Bad Racket Recording StudioRecording and Mixing Sound for Video

Synchronized sound for video and film is easy at Bad Racket Recording studio in Cleveland. We use the latest in sound technology coupled with industry proven techniques to record and mix audio for film and video. From commercial video, to full length feature films with recorded sounds, music, and effects.

Dialog Replacement

Dialog replacement is the process of re-recording the dialog for video or film. We have a lot of experience with a wide variety of content, from sports, to international brands, companies trust our experience and equipment to deliver the highest quality.


Foley is the recording footsteps and effects for film, video, and other media to enhance the experience for the viewer. Clothing noises, hand sounds, or body noises, doors, and footsteps are all part of the picture for your feature film project. We combine real life and ambient sounds to create a sense of reality within the scene. Everything sounds balanced and natural. When you film a movie, you quickly realize the noises captured on set may be less satisfying for your final version than a full re-recorded and mixed production. Foley cam be used to cover up set-noise, or enhance crowd or provide different effects within the scene. We can use our field recording equipment to record on location , or provide post production services for your video or film project.


Editing Dialog

Even if you didn’t record the audio in the studio, you can benefit from the professional touch of editing and automating volume. Whether its the action in a fight scene, or setting the sound of a scene with ambience and music, we can help tailor your vocal takes into a comprehensive work of art. Audio quality can be improved through state of the art editing and post production techniques. We can improve timing and improve delivery and comprehension of lines within the script by removing extraneous sounds or production or equipment noise.


Sound Effects

Music and layered ambient effects can really make or break an audiences opinion of a film or video. We’ve all had the experience of a video with poor sound quality or out of sync effects can sound comedic. We combine live recorded sounds with digital effects and pre-recorded instrumental tracks. We have free sound effects and a large library of creative assets for film producers and sound designers. With millions of sounds at our disposal, your DIY project can achieve professional sound quality with our help.


Mixing and Post Production for Video

We mix audio for film and video. Using our experience with full length feature film post production and sound mixing has come in handy to film and video producers in Cleveland, and elsewhere. Our high quality studio grade equipment is ready for your film or video to be synchronized to sound for TV, cinema, commercial, or online video. We mix the original sound, along with recorded sounds,  music, and effects for the final. We have composers, arrangers, and pre-recorded music ready, and when paired with mixing, equalization, and compression, your audio will help the audience connect with your video. Our process begins and ends with you, so get started by contacting to see if we can help.


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