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Bad Racket Recording provides many different audio recording services, including commercial voice over, music recording, mixing, mastering, and location sound. All of our services are top of the line and start at a price almost anyone can afford. For more pricing information, view our Recording Studio Rates.

We are professionals with a sense of humor who don’t make people feel uncomfortable or under pressure. We believe a comfortable environment is essential to getting great performances, and it is important to us to not just listen to your music, but also listen to what you have to say. We care about your creative vision!

We can also help lend a trained ear to check for problems with your artistic performance. We can offer suggestions, and listen to what you want, and make sure you are feeling good about everything!

Check out more about our Music Recording Process and Video Production Process in our studio in Cleveland.


Recording Studio Cleveland Music Recording StudioRecording Sound, Music, and Voice

Recording your performance in a professionally designed acoustic space with pro engineers can bring your music to the next level and ensures everything sounds good before we even begin to mix. …more about recording music

Music Production Cleveland

Music Production

We help your artistic vision become a reality as a physically and dynamically recorded  album or song with an appropriate sonic aesthetic. We have a wide range of experience from hip-hop, to rough-and-tumble rock-n-roll, to more transparent and light sounds, all from the heart of  Cleveland. … more about music production

Mixing Music and Audio at our Cleveland Recording StudioMixing

Using tools such as equalizers, compression, Multi-band Expansion, Limiting, Saturation, Reverb, Delay, and Modulation, we can carve out a place for each instrument and create textures. … more about mixing


Mastering Studio Cleveland Bad RacketMastering

Mastering is the final stage before duplication, it will make your music clearer, more balanced, wider, and louder, in addition to conforming to technical requirements. … more about mastering in Cleveland Ohio

Podcast Recording Studio ClevelandPodcast Recording

We offer help with podcast recording and all phases of podcast production. Just let us know if we can help record, edit, mix, and master your podcast for consistency and quality.  Our professional staff can assist you with using ,microphones headphones and other equipment that will will make your voice sound nice! … more podcast information

Commercial Audio ProductionCommercial Audio Production

Record high quality voice overs, ADR, and foley, for commercials, radio, television, film, or the internet. We offer phone and skype patching abilities, as well talent casting if necessary. … more about commercial audio production

Video Production Studio ClevelandVideo Production

Whether you are looking to do a live in the studio video, music video production, or a promotional video, our team of experienced videographers have you covered. … more about video production

Video Post Production and EditingVideo Post Production

We offer Video editing and Post production for Video, Film, TV as well as  the newer digital distribution methods like Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter Instagram and … more about video post-production Sound

Commercial Recording Studio ClevelandCommercial Recording

Record high quality audio and video recordings for TV, film, as well as digital online distribution, youtube, Vimeo, commercial sound design, and sound-effects and audio post production for business applications. Our past clients include government and educational organizations, individuals, companies and non-profits  . … more about commercial recording

Commercial Voice Over VO Studio ClevelandCommercial Voice Over

Record high quality voice overs, ADR, and foley, for commercials, radio, television, film, or the internet. We offer phone and skype patching abilities, as well talent casting if necessary. … more about Commercial Voice Over


Video Production Studio Cleveland

Remote Audio and Video Recording

With professional equipment and experience to get the job done, we can help you with whatever Audio-video services you need, wherever. Just remember to factor in travel expenses, but we are very reasonable and love to tour and travel to new places to record.


Sorry, there are no Unpaid Internships or Salaried PositionsSorry, there are no Unpaid Internships or Salaried Positions available at this time

We believe in connection with the community, but we do not offer unpaid internships or salaried paid positions at the studio. Free work from interns is corporate slavery! We do work with freelance producers a chance to get into the studio, but we do not offer unpaid studio internships , instead we offer tutoring and 1 on 1 hands on help with your own music productions with you at the center of the creative process at a cost . … more about music production education

Location Sound or Live Room Recording Live Event Comedy Special or TV radio Film video streaming youtubeLocation or Live Recording

Whether it’s location audio recording, or live sound recording, we offer all sorts of Audio recording services for radio, TV, Film and Video … for location audio please contact us for more information and for a customized quote that fits your budget. We are transparent about rates and can fill all the gaps in your production.It’s important for  sound recording to be done right for quality. Let’s talk about recording your corporate executive, artist, brand, band, or interview dialog  for video, Youtube, TV, streaming content, or live performance, … more about our audio post production

Fixing Bad Audio and Forensic RestorationFixing Bad Audio and  Forensic Restoration

Have an old recording that needs a little help, or location audio that has a high noise floor, clicks, hum, or other issues? Through spectral analysis and repair, we can remove many of these issues leaving you with cleaner sounding audio. … more information about forensic audio restoration

Photography and Video StudiosPhotography and Video

Whether you are looking to do a live in the studio video, studio, photos. music video production, or a promotional video, our team of Evan Prunty and Hunter Prunty will exceed your expectations with a wide selection of cameras and lenses available for rental just down the street at Cleveland Camera Rental, our experienced videographers have everything you need to make it creative and amazing. … more about Video Production

Audio and Sound Post Production StudiosAudio Post Production

Having clear audio in audio to go along with your video is important. Using tools to control tonal balance and dynamics, as well as forensic audio restoration techniques, your dialog, sound effects, and music will all sit clearly in the mix. …more about audio post production


Audio Book Recording Audiobook ACX Audible Editing and ProductionAudiobook Recording

We do all types of educational, and non-fiction for entertainment audio book productions for audible and the internet everywhere. We can help you record yourself, or hire a professional voice actor. We can help create engaging content with licensing music and sound effects like in a movie for more engaging content! …more about audio book recording

Remote Mixing Music and Audio at our Cleveland Recording StudioRemote Mixing Services

You don’t have to be in the studio to enjoy our studio services. We offer secure file transfer for re-amping, processing, noise reduction, editing, and vocal tuning and Auto-tune and tone adjustment for guitars, bass, or mix processing for your audio. Please contact us for a free consultation and custom quote to fit your budget.

Audio Engineer Education and Home Studio AdviceAudio Engineering Training

We offer instruction for your home studio set-up or professional advice regarding recording your own recordings. You get Access to our our professional knowledge and trained ear getting the most out of your professional audio education training engagement and experience through hands on exercises . … check out other services we offer

Music Production ClevelandRap Music and Hip Hop Beat Production

Custom Beat and Hip Hop Music production with Brit Fox or James Kananen is easy and fun!. We use plugins, samples, loops, and 1-shots, to create timeless creative treasures for our rap and hip hop production clients. #contactus 

If you have a question or need additional services or advice about your project, we offer a variety of audio and video services to the community. If you don’t see something , just ask. We are familiar with a diverse range of project types, and if we can’t do something, we know who to call who can. We have been serving the northeast Ohio area since 2009 with a professional recording environment and professional and friendly staff.


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