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Video Production Studio Cleveland

We’re dedicated to high quality audio and video production in Cleveland. Our world class teams help capture your audience’s attention with engaging video for music, corporate, commercial, and entertainment.

Let’s tell your story and show what sets you apart with an amazing video production, video shoot, aerial video, or other engaging creative content from our creative production company based in Cleveland, Ohio.

We work across many diverse and dynamic brands to offer our world class team.

We have our decades of experience and we can’t wait to show your how fun video
production can be, with the right directors, camera operators, producers and cinematographers, we can handle small or large scale productions with our dynamic team capable of single camera in studio productions, to multi-camera full crew commercial video. We create exciting content for people and brands across multiple locations.

We pride ourselves in offering professional quality and the team is friendly and professional. There’s a coffee shop right down the street, and a bright ambitious future ahead of your next video production project with us.

We are talented freelancers from Cleveland Ohio, who have offered our creative talents to the world from our studio in Cleveland ohio. If you’re a brand, band, or company that needs video, we suggest contacting us for more info about planning your project. #Contact us


Video Production Process

Pre Production and Concept Development


Let our award winning team of creative directors, composers, and audio engineers help you with the discovery of your creative vision and ideas for your video production are key to setting up the groundwork for a successful video. We spend time learning about your brand, vision, this could be done at our studios in Cleveland, Ohio, or remotely via phone, or email. Gather together some videos you like to inspire our creativity, or let us know what your likes and dislikes are so that we can design a concept to help you achieve your goals. We develop a timeline and budget for your project and determine the terms of the contract and payment. We can brainstorm ideas, or go with an already established plot to tell your story in the most effective way possible.


Shooting at the Studio or On Location: Production and Talent


The video shoot is the most important and exciting part of the whole process. We capture the footage of the product, person, location or testimonial. Team members have all the professional equipment and skills needed to make shoots efficient and exactly what you envisioned.


Script Writing and Creative Direction


We develop the script for the dialog and go from a rough outline to develop a concrete script for your project. We tell your story with a combination of visual and audio, with commercial voice over talent available to deliver the final script. From development to a written script, we help guide you through the steps to realise your creative vision.


Script Writing and Creative Direction


We develop the script for the dialog and go from a rough outline to develop a concrete script for your project. We tell your story with a combination of visual and audio, with commercial voice over talent available to deliver the final script. From development to a written script, we help guide you through the steps to realise your creative vision.

Video Post Production and Editing


Editing and post production is the behind the scenes work, added sound effects, and music, or creating creative works that help tell your story. Creating your video after all the video and audio has been recorded is handled by the editors and directors. We gather a first version, and get feedback from the client if anything needs to be revised, and make corrections as necessary.

Gathering Ideas and Talent: Project Management


With the right people for the job, you can bring professional voice over to your video. With our professional team, we pull from local and national assets to develop a rock star team of actors, and or voiceover talent and schedule days for filming. Whether it’s 1 hour, or 1 month, we efficiently schedule your video shoots days to create a game plan to an winning strategy and team to complete your video production on your important deadlines.

Creative Music Scoring Sound Design, color correction, and visual effects 3D animation or motion graphics may all be necessary for your video production project. It could be a TV spot, youtube Video, or internal corporate video, movie trailer, broadcast video, or music video.


Final Steps: The Finished Video Production


We can help with a digital distribution strategy, or provide you with whatever file specification you require for your projects release. Once your video is completely edited and approved we can help you with whatever you need to launch your creative vision worldwide.  We are ready to help you with your next successful project

Types of Video Projects We Work on Including (but not limited to):

TV Commercial Production (Audio and Video)

We’re ready to record the next Sham-wow infomercial… but seriously; we can help you with TV commercial production from the project management phase of planning and scheduling, to editing the final cut, you have our experienced staff to help you achieve your best results yet. Give us a call today.

Videography and Photography Services

Let’s talk about how our professional videography services for business and individuals can your next project from planning to the final product. Every video project begins with quality videographers who’s professional skills can be carefully harnessed to capture your live event or dialog for an interview, going above and beyond to get the most out of our time together. You can expect professional results for any subject matter, regardless of the content, and we always give it 110%

Commercial Video Production

We offer Corporate Video Production in Cleveland, Ohio and Surrounding North East Ohio. Whether its a Training Video, Promo Video, Interview, or something else, we offer professional videographers and video services to the business community, and can easily adapt to your specific needs.

Audio and Video for Interview or Marketing Video

We offer sales and marketing videos for e-commerce stores and client service based approach to sales video production. We create professional interview videos for products and businesses packaged in to a unique and entertaining way for marketing to the now.

Video Post Production

We do color correction and visual effects to bring the best elements of your video forward. Using world class video services, we help you create a professional final product to show the world. Having skilled editors is essential to putting the finishing touches to the final version you see on screen. With state-of-the-art color correction we can show the best light of the footage we are working with, and mood and feeling of emotion from lighting and color effects can make a huge difference in making an impact on your viewer, from the raw footage, to top notch quality. We have you covered.

Music Video Production

Want to make a sick video for your band or a performance video for your music? We have experience with many different levels of production. From your initial consultation to marketing the final product we have you covered.

Commercial Radio Production

We help subcontract terrestrial radio station production, as well as podcasts, audiobooks, and commercial audio production for soundcloud, youtube, facebook, and beyond. We have experience crafting original engaging content for the air-ways of Cleveland and beyond. We do everything from recording to reviewing the final product.

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