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Music Video Production
Want to make a sick video for your band or a performance video for your music? We have experience with many different levels of production. From your initial consultation to marketing the final product we have you covered.

Corporate Video Production Corporate Video Production
We offer Corporate Video Production in Cleveland, Ohio and Surrounding North East Ohio. Whether its a Training Video, Promo Video, Interview, or something else, we offer professional videographers and video services to the business community, and can easily adapt to your specific needs.

Marketing Agencies
We offer creative solutions to marketing agencies and subcontracted video services for marketing campaigns designed by marketing agencies from Ohio and beyond. We do sales video productions to help develop relationships with your clients in a competitively priced format to you to mark up to the client. You wont believe the results we can get from our Cleveland Ohio video production studios. Our professional editing and creative production will keep your clients begging for more high-end video productions.

Event Services
We offer our expertise for live sound events, and audio and video crews for life performances.

Commercial Radio Production
We help subcontract terrestrial radio station production, as well as podcasts, audiobooks, and commercial audio production for soundcloud, youtube, facebook, and beyond. We have experience crafting original engaging content for the air-ways of Cleveland and beyond. We do everything from recording to reviewing the final product.

TV Commercial Production
We’re ready to record the next Sham-wow informercial… but seriously; we can help you with TV commercial production from the project management phase of planning and scheduling, to editing the final cut, you have our experienced staff to help you achieve your best results yet. Give us a call today.

Video Post Production
We do color correction and visual effects to bring the best elements of your video forward. Using world class video services, we help you create a professional final product to show the world. Having skilled editors is essential to putting the finishing touches to the final version you see on screen. With state-of-the-art color correction we can show the best light of the footage we are working with, and mood and feeling of emotion from lighting and color effects can make a huge difference in making an impact on your viewer, from the raw footage, to top knotch quality. We have you covered.

Audio and Video for Interview or Marketing Video
We offer sales and marketing videos for e-commerce stores and client service based approach to sales video production. We create professional interview videos for products and businesses packaged in to a unique and entertaining way for marketing to the now.

Videography and Photography Services
Lets talk about how our professional videography services for business and individuals can your next project from planning to the final product. Every video project begins with quality videographers who’s professional skills can be carefully harnessed to capture your live event or dialog for an interview, going above and beyond to get the most out of our time together. You can expect professional results for any subject matter, regardless of the content, and we always give it 110%

Branding and Marketing (BAM)
Need help delivering your product to marketing or suggestions for social media marketing for your business? Let’s sit down and talk for a free consultation. Whether its Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, we help you strategize your marketing for the future. Original and quality professional content rules, let us talk about how to build your Brand Awareness Profile (BAP).




Cleveland Video Production

Evan Prunty Videographer

Video Production Studio Cleveland

Signals Midwest Recording Drums for Live Video in the Live Recording Room Bad Racket Recording Studio

Signals Midwest Recording Drums for Live Video in the Live Recording Room Bad Racket Recording Studio

Experiences Staff and a Professional Environment

Bad Racket Recording works with a number of highly experienced Cleveland videographers and knows the right people to make your team a success. Whether you are looking to do a live studio video, music video production, or a promotional video for an upcoming release, we can make it happen. Working with state of the art video gear, our videographers will deliver industry standard quality such as full 1080p HD video fully ready for sharing with the world on Youtube, Vimeo, etc.

State of the Art production Facility

We are an award winning creative agency based in Cleveland Ohio. We offer our services to produce videos that are emotionally compelling, intellectually smart,. and something that captures the hearts and minds of viewers. Our productions span the globe and have been featured from NY to LA we offer creation of film, video, web content, and creative media services for agencies, brands, artists, corporations and businesses of all sizes everywehre in the world.

We specialize in creating premium quality digital content which is engaging and looking great on a tight budget and do-able price-tag. Our methods are tried tested and proven to  produce excellent results. We have world-wide travel experience and we understand all the nuances of branding, social media, and digital distribution as well as traditional physical media. We’re nice people, and we are willing to go out of our way to make your client happy with our professional staff and equipment.


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