Interview Recording Services in Cleveland from Bad Racket Studios


We offer audio and video interview services and voice over for film. It could be dialog for a film, commercial conversation, with set questions, or more informal. We can do interviews on location, as well as in our Cleveland recording facility. We help capture important information for listeners, and our professional equipment and expert knowledge will make it smooth sailing.


Studio Quality Interviews

During interviews, it is critical to capture audio and video for later transcription. We have a wide variety of experience, from Lebron James, to doctors, lawyers, and governmental officials, we have recorded them all. Enjoy expert editing, or do the post production on your own time, we can offer either at the same price. Capturing clear concise speech as the dialog is exchanged between interviewer and interviewee, as communication takes for as data is passed between individuals, exploring complex ideas and recalling information and explaining concepts with a clear sense of beginning and ending can be seen as quality metrics that can be assessed for any given interview.


Phone Patch services

Remote phone patch is always an option. When the quality of telephone audio is acceptable, or the telephone voice can be replaced later, for communication between the program producer, and the client, or director. When you talk into your phone or Skype, the signal will be routed into our Cleveland recording studio and into the earphones of the interviewee or voice actor for feedback and communication.


Call us today to discuss your interview in the Cleveland area or anywhere in Ohio or beyond.

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