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Bad Racket: Cleveland Recording Studio 2220 Superior Ave. E. Suite 204 Cleveland, Ohio, 44114 CALL: (216) 309-2882

Bad Racket is a recording studio in Cleveland, Ohio. We do voice recording and music recording mostly, but also audio for podcasts, commercial voice-over, and many other recording studio related and post production services. Our professional recording studio located in downtown Cleveland, Ohio is is the ears best choice for high quality recording, post production, and mastering. In addition to audio, we have a major connection to Cleveland's Film and Commercial production community. From script-writing and film and video production to sound and audio production for video.
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Audio Mastering in our studio in Cleveland

Mastering is the last chance you have to change anything about the sound before it’s released.


We step back and listen to the entire mix. Take into consideration, the spacing, loudness, what format it will be released, whether its vinyl, digital download, CD, or cassette, we can help make sure the volume and tone is not drastically different between tracks or compared to other material.


Mastering can make the difference between your tracks sounding professional and polished, or lacking luster and sounding flat, dull or otherwise not ready for release. Mastering is the process where stereo files of the final mixes are tweaked with dynamics and equalization adjustments to finish them off and ready them for production.


In our Cleveland studio, we carefully listen to each mix and determine the final steps to finishing your masterpiece! Mastering is an important step, and can make the difference between your songs sounding right in a playlist with other artists similar to you, and your songs sticking out as unprofessional and sounding like a demo. By adjusting the volume of each song, and making sure no songs are too loud or quiet in relation to each other, as well as tweaking the stereo width, frequency balance, and appropriate dynamic range. With music being released primarily through digital downloads and streaming, it’s important that your masters meet a set of technical specification in order to prevent inter-sample peaks and ensure distortion is not introduced during file conversion. Your music will leave mastered for iTunes and ready for marketplaces such as Pandora, Spotify, Bandcamp, as well as mastered for vinyl or tape. We always make sure to check the technical specifications to see that the files will be correctly delivered.




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