Henri Rapp: Cleveland Area Sound Engineer | Location Recording Specialist and Production Sound Mixer



Recording Sound for Music, Film, Television, commercials, advertisements, and post production.

Henri Rapp | Location Sound Engineer| Production Sound Mixer | Cleveland Ohio 1

Henri usually is doing some sort of production sound or location sound recording. He is based in Cleveland ohio and available to travel worldwide. He specialises in audio and sound for film, TV, and commercial video production. He has access to top tier location sound equipment.


Field Recording and Location Sound Support for Film: Recordist for Film in Cleveland.

Henri helps people with a need for audio production sound mixer, location sound recordist responsibilities. Location sound recording and being a sound mixer for film and Television is his main focus, with that job being flexible, but including recording dialog with boom, wireless lavaliers and camera sync, as well as creating a good mix and taking care of audio files.


With his experience and extensive knowledge of all things sound recording and video production related, he is passionate about exceeding your expectations and delivering exceptional sounding creative solutions for clients. He delivers top tier sound quality to large scale multi camera shoots and commercial audio productions, audio post production and mixing,



Music Production / Recording Engineer

As a Cleveland Recording Engineer, I find there are two common threads I find in the bands I enjoy no matter the type of music. Firstly, they play not as separate musicians but as one entity; Every part adding to the emotive tone of the performance. Secondly, their performance has energy and carries weight. I love seeing live music. Whether it’s a band rocking out and giving it their all or an intimate heartfelt acoustic performance; It makes you want to be part of it. It’s a shared experience. In every recording I strive to capture that emotional connection, and help it come through to the listener. It should carry them to times and places in other people’s lives.


Audio Engineer with experience in all areas of Sound Recording and Mixing

Audio Engineering isn’t just a ‘Job’ for me, it’s an obsession. I firmly believe that I will never be done learning, and this has taken me to everywhere from electronics to acoustics and from drums to carpentry. When I’m not in a session you’d most likely find me wielding a blistering hot soldering iron building mic preamps, or cooking a delicious Thai Panang curry. Having this strong foundation I can draw on enables me to use the right approach to capture the aesthetic sound that your music requires.

For all your production sound mixer, location recording, video sound post production, or recording and on film set recording with boom, lavaliers, and wireless packs.

Feel free to visit my website to contact me: henrirapp.com


Henri Rapp: Cleveland Area Sound Engineer| Location Recording Specialist and Production Sound Mixer

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