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Henri K. W. Rapp | Cleveland Ohio Sound Mixer Recordist
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Henri K. W. Rapp

Cleveland Recording Engineer / Designer / Marketing

As a Cleveland Recording Engineer, I find there are two common threads I find in the bands I enjoy no matter the type of music. Firstly, they play not as separate musicians but as one entity; Every part adding to the emotive tone of the performance. Secondly, their performance has energy and carries weight. I love seeing live music. Whether it’s a band rocking out and giving it their all or an intimate heartfelt acoustic performance; It makes you want to be part of it. It’s a shared experience. In every recording I strive to capture that emotional connection, and help it come through to the listener. It should carry them to times and places in other people’s lives.


Audio Engineering isn’t just a ‘Job’ for me, it’s an obsession. I firmly believe that I will never be done learning, and this has taken me to everywhere from electronics to acoustics and from drums to carpentry. When I’m not in a session you’d most likely find me wielding a blistering hot soldering iron building mic preamps, or cooking a delicious Thai Panang curry. Having this strong foundation I can draw on enables me to use the right approach to capture the aesthetic sound that your music requires.

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Email: | Phone: 216-501-1204

Henri K. W. Rapp - Cleveland Recording Engineer