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A collection of press coverage of us and press releases. All very old.

Recording Studio Press Coverage


“Cleveland’s Bummed Out releases the perfect end-of-summer soundtrack”


“Bad Racket Recording Studio Fostering Original Sounds in Ohio City”

“From the outside, there isn’t much to take in – an old warehouse on the western edge of the neighborhood holds few clues to what lies inside. But like a good book with a tattered cover, the interior holds up its end of the bargain.”


“From the fragrant smell of freshly cut wood to the artistically decorated vinyl records hung on the walls, the Cleveland based recording studio, Bad Racket, provides an earnest welcome to all musicians. Co-founder James Kananen and sound engineer Henri Rapp have taken it upon themselves to make Bad Racket’s second studio location reflect their laid back character through carpentry, distinctive style and even a friendly dog.”

-Reese Shebel

Concert Review: Thaddeus Anna Greene at Bad Racket Studios

“With a guitarist like Greene, it would be disappointing to not hear at least a couple face-melting jams. At the end, when asked for an encore, Greene invited up Dave Hammer to accompany him on a rendition of Jimi Hendrix’s “Red House,” with DHPS’s bassist also joining them. It gave both guitarists the opportunity to really let loose, giving a great show a grand ending.”

~ Nasty Fancy


Live from Bad Racket: Nights “Walk Away”

“Someone had actually called the cops on us. We had to quit for the night and come back the next day,” Fournier said, adding that night two wrapped earlier in the evening to avoid another noise complaint.

~ The Rhythm Report


Live From Bad Racket: Bethesda – A band with a view to the North Coast and Above

“The thought of craning our throats, always reaching out for something that will ultimately, in the end, not satisfy them – and once you find something that satisfies you, you look for something else, and something else, and something else, so you’re always craning your throat.”

Ohio Authority



Live From Bad Racket: Tom Evanchuck – A plea to “Take Me Back”

His acoustic guitar playing carries the ardor and timbre of the Appalachian tradition. Plugged in, Evanchuck, strapped to a black Gibson Les Paul Studio fitted with a Bigsby bridge, creates a tonal and visual portrait that pays direct homage to his most direct influence: Neil Young.

hio Authority

The obligatory blurb



Bad Racket is Cleveland’s Craft Recording Space, an independent music and media production company founded 2009. Our mission has always been to make bands’ dreams come true, starting with making great recordings and helping musicians find their own unique version of success.

Review: Signals Midwest – Latitudes and Longitudes

I would highly recommend this band/album to anyone who likes good, honest punk rock with a sensitive edge. Hopefully, Signals Midwest will cross the pond and come play in the UK sometime soon.

~ Never Anything On


Signals Midwest Latitudes and Longitudes (2011)

In a genre as tried, overdone and limiting as pop punk, it’s especially difficult for a pop punk band to take a new approach. But, when done right, it can also be especially refreshing and rewarding to see a band succeed in reworking the genre (A prime example would be the Sidekicks’ excellent 2009 album Weight of Air). Enter Cleveland, Ohio’s Signals Midwest, whose fantastic new full-length Latitudes and Longitudes transcends conventions and pushes the genre to new boundaries.



Record Review: SIGNALS MIDWEST’s “Latitudes And Longitudes” on Tiny Engines

Hard hitting yet dripping with pensive musings (the lyrics read like a travel diary of observations and reflection), imagine if Bob Nanna (BRAID) and Tim Kinsella (JOAN OF ARC) grew up listening to SMALL BROWN BIKE and HOT WATER MUSIC and formed a supergroup and you get some idea of how interesting this is

~ Amp Magazine


Signals Midwest Latitudes & Longitudes on-tiny-engines/

Signals Midwest is a 4-piece punk outfit hailing from Cleveland, Ohio. They released their sophomore effort, Latitudes and Longitudes, towards the end of 2011. Unfortunately, this talented band has been passed over for the most part in the wake of last year’s extremely impressive release catalogue. Latitudes is a strong release from an up-and-coming that deserves to be heard.

~ Sputnik Music


Signals Midwest – Latitudes and Longitudes – Reviewed by: Jason Gardner (02/07/12)

attitudes and Longitudes takes familiar parts and makes something a bit more intriguing out of the dynamic punk-rock tinged tracks here. But in the execution of these often energetic tunes, our familiarity welcomes us like a doorman to Signals Midwest’s fun yet occasionally gritty licks of punk rock vocals meets melodically-inclined songwriting.

Absolute Punk


You’re One

HUNGR’s two track self titled single is one that has left me all shaken up. ‘You’re One’, my choice song, has a very vintage and seductive sound. It’s dark, an experimental track, meant for motels and sleepless nights. I have found myself completely hooked to HUNGR.

~ Dingus Music


Introducing: HUNGR 04.23.2012

Sorry, I get a bit existential when I listen to the music of HUNGR. Here’s why, I have NO IDEA who they (or any other pronoun) are. They’re another link-less Bandcamp with cryptic genre tags that I’d need a hipster rosetta stone to decipher. Here’s how they go: “loss,” “love,” “motel,” “sex,” “stolen,” “vintage,” like a set of Hunter S. Thompson magnetic poetry.


Media: The Ohioans: “Jawbreaker”

The Ohioans, a young band from Northeast, OH, have released a video for their song “Jawbreaker” off their self-titled release.



Album Review: Fairy Tales – Bafflegab

really starts to push the groove forward, with dynamic intent. The song is gritty, with a fantastic spread of levels and a heavy, meaty bass. The mix throughout the album is amazingly spot on. By “Clown Trotting” we’re ready to bounce out of our seats. The vocal effects, clapping, and jazzy vibe, along with the lyrics, all combine to form a fucked up carnival nightmare of a song. Clowns will fucking eat you.

~ Panduhmonium


Cloud Nothings to Release Live at Grog Shop 12″

“Earlier this year, Cloud Nothings released a free, digital live set from their April 5 show at Cleveland, Ohio, venue the Grog Shop. An extended version of that set will now get a physical release, out July 17 via Carpark. The Live at Grog Shop 12″ is limited to a run of 1,000, each of which includes a unique drawing by the band on the LP label.”



Download Cloud Nothings Live @ The Grog Shop

Earlier this month, the Cloud Nothings played a homecoming show at Cleveland’s Grog Shop, and today the group’s giving away a short live recording featuring five tracks from that performance. The recording does a really nice job of capturing the youthful energy of Dylan Baldi-fronted group as they continue to sharpen their live assault, which is definitely getting pretty formidable. Yours, for an e-mail.