Executive Producer and Songwriter Brit Fox

Executive Producer and Songwriter Brit Fox

Blending genres, blurring lines, and stepping outside of the box makes Brit Fox music productions truly one-of-a-kind.  An eclectic music listener, Fox specializes in urban blues pop genres ranging from Southern Gothic to Hip-Hop and Latin Top 40.  

When it comes to making songs…

“The journey is the best part”

-Producer and Songwriter Brit Fox 

As an executive producer, Brit begins by building layers at a time.  She listens to your unique vision and takes it to the next level with contemporary, rhythmic melodies.  Her Cleveland recording studio takes the song to a professional, high-quality level recording artists while providing thoughtful suggestions and instruction.  

She also takes the time to answer her recording artists questions about the music industry.  During post-production, Brit uses vocals as an ultimate guide to mix the song, allowing you to give input along the way.

Brit is more than music production.  Her music licensing knowledge allows her to take creations a step further by monetizing music with major brand giants like Viacom (MTV, VH1).  Other opportunities can include songwriting with major industry record labels like Def Jam.   For more information about licensing your own music please contact her. 

In her free time Brit enjoys socializing locally with the Cleveland community, spending time with family, traveling to new destinations, exploring museums and going to live music concerts.  

Contact Brit for music consultation, industry advice, producing and songwriting. 

Website: britfoxstudios.com

Email: brit@badracket.com | 216-577-3070