Evan Prunty: Cleveland Area Video Producer and Photographer


Evan is a video producer and the creative mastermind behind Live From Bad Racket. With extensive knowledge of video editing and post production, he is known for turning cinematic visions into reality.

“Hey all, my name is Evan and I am currently going to school at Cleveland State University for Film and Digital Media. I am originally from the Greater Cleveland Area, though I have lived much of my life in Batesville, Indiana.

My interest in video production started at a very young age back when standard definition video took a day to upload onto YouTube. I have been working with video for over 5 years and I am continuing to find ways to create better content every day. Whether that is through my education or through my own research.

As a Cleveland videographer, It is very exciting for me to be creating ‘Live From Bad Racket’ video productions. My passion for music has been a common thread throughout my life. Always involving myself in music whether that was having my own band, setting up and promoting shows or just searching YouTube for obscure live videos of the bands I enjoy. There is something special about the medium that is the live session and it fits well with the ideals that made Bad Racket what it is today. The first live session I collaborated on was with Trunkweed, a band from Baltimore, Maryland. You can check that video out on Bad Racket’s website or YouTube channel. We’ve learned a lot from the experience and can’t wait to put that knowledge to the test on our upcoming videos.

I create online content that goes along with the content in the print magazine. Additionally I take pictures for the magazine. Currently, I am in the process of creating a documentary on heroin. Along with Hunter Prunty, we will document the heroin problem that is sweeping across small towns in America. Other than that I continue to make content for the Black Valve YouTube channel Black Valve Media Youtube, which has turned into the production company name for the video work that Hunter and I do as well as Black Valve Media a Video Production Company

You can check out more of my work on evanprunty.com. or Contact me via Black Valve Media

Evan Prunty Video Editor