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Bad Racket is a recording studio in Cleveland Ohio. Here are some specific questions we get a lot. For more general recording studio questions check out the studio faq

Do you do commercial audio or video editing and voice overs for film, tv, or radio spots?

Absolutely!  Check out some commercial voice over projects weve been a part of at While recording music is what we are passionate about, commercial voice over work is a large part of what we do. Check out our professional services page to see what other things we can help you out with.


Do you want to work on my new project?

Of course! We are excited to work on new stuff, and a variety of material makes our jobs more fun! Let’s hear your project ideas and we can help you with a plan to make it happen.  We work with all types of people, from beginners to seasoned professionals. Our recording studio is built to accommodate large groups or just 1 person, and our workflow is flexible to include phone-patch producers, additional engineers or producers, and collaborations of all type including Pro Tools Source-connect and Skype for ISDN alternative!


I need backing music or sound effects licensed for my production, can you help?

Yes we have access to a large live library of sound effects and backing music, including music and effects licensed for commercial production.


Can you find a drummer or other musician for my session?

More than likely! Musicians require a constant stream of money just like everyone else to stay alive too, so at least $100 to start in order to get someone who is trying to do this professionally is a great starting point.


Do you guys record rap and hip hop music?

Yes, we record rap, hip hop, blues, jazz, and even classical music. Each takes a different approach so don’t expect a canned response, but a custom solution to your needs.


Do you have beats?

You can find free beats everywhere. Good original beats cost money. Brit Fox is a word class producer and owner of Brit Fox Studios. She is our is our Hip Hop and Rap music production partners give check out Brit Fox Studios


Are you currently accepting interns?

NOPE. Not because we’re jerks. It’s because this is not a good approach to getting into the industry. Give us a call and ask us about what are some good ways to get into the industry as a producer or freelance audio engineer.


Where can we get food near the studio?

There are a number of great restaurants near our recording studio! Just use google or ask for a recommendation! There are great Asian food takeout options depending on what you want (Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc) , and a ton of world class restaurants 15 minutes away or less.


How long will it take to record my project?

To be honest, we don’t know, a lot depends on how prepared you are. We have seen people come in knock out their takes in a couple hours, on the other hand we have seen people spend nearly every conceivable way of wasting time.


What are your recording studio’s hours?

We don’t have set hours per say. Everything is by appointment, but we don’t usually like to record before 8 am or after 11pm. If you’d like to set up a session, tour our facility, or set up a special appointment  contact us.


What payment types do you accept? Credit cards okay? Can you invoice me, send tax documents like w-9, or provide other professional documents for my production?

Of course we accept almost all forms of payment. We accept most payment methods, including cash, all major credit or debit cards, paypal, and most checks. Venmo and cash app apple pay and other payment apps are accepted as well.


We can invoice you or provide W-9 or other tax documents to provide documentation for your accounts. Let us know if there are any other important details necessary to receive payment.


How many tracks can you record at once?

We can record 48 channels of audio simultaneously, that’s enough to record an orchestra, a large band live, or everything multi-tracked. Our DAW recording software has no limit to how many tracks it can record, so the we can record just about anything. In addition, with rental equipment we can record even larger orchestras or  jazz ensembles.


Can I afford to record with you?

Absolutely! If you’re unsure, try 1 song and see how you like it. Rates start at $100. We keep our rates affordable so bands in the Cleveland music scene can record at Bad Racket. We aren’t Abbey Road Studios and neither are our prices, On the other hand, we aren’t a home recording studio, we are a professional recording studio and our quality reflects that. We additionally offer payment plans to help with larger projects.


Do you require a deposit?

We usually do not take walk in appointments, but it never hurts to ask!  In order to schedule time in advance, we require a deposit. This prevents time wasted that would otherwise be used by other people!


How can I contact you for additional information?

Check out the contact form at the bottom!


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