Recording Studio Rates for Services at Bad Racket

Prices reflect what we can afford to offer the community for different services. We operate a large studio that needs to make a profit to stay in business.  We encourage you to give us a call and talk about your specific needs and we can give you a free quote for your project and answer any questions you might have.

Bad Racket: Cleveland Recording Studio offers a wide variety of audio recording services including music recording, mixing, & mastering, commercial voiceover, and video production. Displayed is our current 2019 Rates Card.

Music Recording

Including Rock, Pop. R&B/Soul, Rap,  Hip-Hop, Country Alternative, Metal, Punk, Classical Music and Instrumentalists, Vocalists, or any other type of music recording.

  • Hourly Rate: $50 per hour
  • Half Day: 4 Hours $200Henri Rapp Recording Engineer Mixing
  • Day Rate: $400 (8 hours of recording time & 1 hour break)
  • Week Long Special: $5000 (seven 8 hour days with 1 hour breaks)

Music Mixing and Editing Rates

including Rock, Hip Hop, or any other type of audio mixing and post production

  • $50/hr or
  • $150 per song (~5 min) (~3 hours of work)
  • 5+ songs $120 per song
  • 10+ Songs $100 per song

This is a rough estimate. If want to take 100 hours to mixing every song, we won’t be able to mix it at the $150/song rate. This includes a few revisions, and we don’t have a problem making a few final adjustments to make the mix perfect!

Audio Book / Podcast / Bulk Commercial Audio Day Rate

$70/Hr or $500/day rate This includes engineer and file delivery.

Phone patch ISDN alternative for remote producers.

Mastering Rates:

  • Mastering Services in ClevleandOne Song: $50
  • Two to Five Songs: $45 per song
  • Six to Nine Songs: $40 per song
  • Ten or More Songs: $35 per song
  • Contact for pricing for Vinyl Mastering, or multiple deliverables, etc

Commercial & Television Audio Rates:

Recording and Sound for Video and Film

  • Voiceover Recording: $100 per hour (2 hour minimum, includes Phone Patch)
  • ADR Recording: $175 per hour (2 hour minimum)
  • Location Recording Rate: $500 for 10 hours & $250 for basic gear package (Sound Devices 664, Boom, Two Lectrosonic Wireless Kits w/ Sanken Mics, & all accessories). Additional cost up for add on gear such as Wireless Lavalier Mics, Wireless Camera Hops, Time Code Slate, Time Code Lockit Boxes, IFB, etc

Audio Post Production for Video: $75 per hour (3 Hour minimum)

Video Production Rates:

Canon EOS CameraVideo productions vary a lot based on what the content is like. The best way to get a price is to contact us and we will make up a custom quote for you that includes Pre Production, Labor, Gear, and Post Production.

Most projects require a half down deposit to get started and may have hourly minimums depending on scheduling availability. We can do a credit card over the phone or drop by the studio for a free consultation and pre-production meeting.

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