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Bad Racket: Cleveland Recording Studio 2220 Superior Ave. E. Suite 204 Cleveland, Ohio, 44114 CALL: (216) 309-2882
Recording Process - Bad Racket: Cleveland Recording Studio
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Our Recording Process

Pre Production Process
We begin the recording process with the initial communication, so don’t be afraid to hop right in and contact us and set up a tour of our facility. We talk about what type of project it is, and determine the scope of the plan to complete it. By assessing how you wish to approach the creative process, we make a plan together to make your expectations and vision for the project a reality. Whether it’s something simple or a big deal, we are happy to help you in any capacity we can…and if we cant help you, we might be able to refer you to someone who can!

The most important part to any recording is the performance, so be prepared to do your best with practice! If you’re well rehearsed, take one last day just to make sure, and maybe even record a few crappy demos on a cell phone or laptop or your brothers friends bedroom recording rig. Almost anyone has access to some form of recording equipment these days, so don’t be afraid to do a no pressure dress rehearsal so you can be at the very top of your game.

Schedule Studio TIme
Once you’re ready to record, let us know via email or text message and we can schedule time right away for you! 216 309 2882 We don’t mind late nights or early mornings. Weekends. Holidays. anything goes. Weekends and 4 day weekend holiday breaks usually fill up first, followed buy weekday day time, with later weekday sessions last. We require 1/2 down deposit, but its nothing against you. It’s just a way to keep the jokers from wasting our time. We go easy on the scheduling, but please be on time and keep us updated if anything changes! We’re not going to be standing there with a stop watch, but time is

Arriving at the Studio
YOU WILL NEED TO CALL WHEN YOU GET HERE so make sure you have a phone and its charged up. Even homeless people have phones these days, so no excuses and no blocked numbers! We don’t have time for shady people. Phone number is on the front door in case you lose it! So walk right up and give us a ring!
Load In
Have heavy gear to move? Pull up to the back alley & tug, roll, or toss your gear into the big garage door of a freight elevator. The live room is only twenty feet away. That’s nice. Just pull around back off east 23rd st across from Aspire Auctions and pull up to loading dock. Try not to block anyone in if you can help it!
You can park on the street in front at metered spots, or for free on the side when available. Additional parking is located across the street at east 24th and Superior 44114 by Children Warehouse. There is a large parking lot with two big billboards and usually a truck with graffiti on it. It says Nail Co. Permit Only. You can park here. Please don’t leave anything valuable or important things that cannot be replaced in your car. This isn’t the hood, but this is the city.
Set Up
Get comfortable in the room and set up and test your stuff. Don’t worry about microphones or anything like that, just do your thing, and don’t be afraid to ask for anything you need to make yourself comfortable. We’re a relaxed but serious environment.

Headphone Mixes
It’s kinda simple, but it makes a big difference. We will check all the mics and check the headphones. If you’d like something different please ask. It’s no problem! You you can hear everything clearly, you can evaluate the performance and your play tighter!
Live tracking with the option to Layer tracks
We have a 24 channel interface connected to a 24 channel mixing board. So you can lay down your tracks like a band, or ask us to throw up two dozen microphones around your acoustic guitar.
'The Icing on the Cake'
We have some fun Toys. From vintage “pieces” to custom crafted one of a kind cabinets and instruments. We have funky preamps, and cool effects and know all the latest fancy production techniques and professional services to make your work as amazing as possible. 
Fridge and Food
The fridge is yours. Fill it up with whatever you like.
Food can be ordered from the many local food places.
Gear can stay overnight
Leave everything set up overnight, free of charge. Wake up, let the tubes warm up, and get started where you left off.

What next?

Contact us to schedule a tour or session. We’ll talk about your project and dial a plan to make it happen.

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