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We do a wide variety of commercial recording  for Film Television, TV and video games. We provide top quality Voiceover, Location Recording, Audio Post Production, and other commercial recordings. and are the best commercial recording studio in Cleveland.

We have source connect ISDN alternative and phone patch capabilities for all commercial voice overs. With with experience with Podcasts and audiobooks, as well as, TV film radio and internet distribution of our audio productions, we do voice over for commercials and multimedia, audio post production composition and midi sequencing.  We have an impressive control room and state of the art vocal booth with an abundance of the latest software and essential tools to make the most challenging projects a breeze. We can do custom music, sound effects, editing and post production for your commercial, and add synthesizer, drum loops and effects from our library of sound effects and plugins from the industries most popular manufactures.l Of course we have acoustic instruments and mics to record vocals, and the ear to do the recording, mixing, and post production with the highest level of quality from Cleveland’s best recording studio Bad Racket.

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Commercial Sound Recording at Bad Racket Studios Cleveland

Commercial Media production with Bad Racket means dealing with the best equipment and skill in Ohio. Bad Racket is a premium full service media production company with a range of corporate media production services. Our focus is creating content that is the highest quality it can be, and we help provide services to a wide range of customers. With our communication team serving the community since 2009, we have grown steadily by providing top quality media production in an unyielding pursuit of new a better projects.


Creating the best possible recording space possible is our highest priority. For media production and commercial media production, our team of in house producers and editors collaborate with producers to create stunning high end media, within the financial, and time constraints of your project. Our biggest value is our skill as a team, with years of creating projects together, we push ourselves to reach new levels of perfection, and ready to go over the top to make very video, web application, or other media or internet related technology perfect.


Starting in 2009 as an independent studio in Cleveland, we quickly became a powerhouse video production outlet. Our Cleveland media production company works with ad agencies and companies of all sizes to partner, and reach out directly to consumers and communicating exciting new ideas and concepts. Let’s talk about what our team can do for you!

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Commercial Recording Services

We offer many different commercial recording services check out our commercial work page, or give us a call to talk about your project. We use our professional recording facilities and team of industry experts to make the highest quality content for maximum engagement with your listeners. We Have several professional audio and video staff which are all taking projects on an ongoing basis. Custom proposals and pre-production can be started immediately, and we can begin discussing scheduling availability at our facilities as well as crew. Accepted projects and commercial work for business clients then enter the production factory that is Bad Racket Recording Studio. With professional recording, and archival backup, as well as state of the art technology you can bet our high quality deliverables will be to your exact quality and technical specification. Disorganized and unprofessional studios can make your production less than timely, so don’t mess around, and get it done right the first time in a timely fashion.

A Full-Service Studio

We are a full services studio with Commercial recording production facility and a team of expert engineers, producers, directors, voice over artists, composers and musicians. We record radio commercials, and we write and record dialog for video games. Our team members include audio and video media professionals ready to make your next project a success.

Other Commercial Services

We can help you through every phase of production. From casting and writing music, voice direction, sound design and everything else to make the production engaging content for people everywhere It could be a radio or TV commercial, a video game, or an audio book. We have a reputation for excellent and quality in commercial recording.  Your voice talent can be confident in our relaxed and comfortable studios in Cleveland Ohio. From our convenient location download we can provide remote recording assistance as well as phone patch and file transfer to any studio around the world.

High ROI

For administrators and high-ranking officials within the corporate structure, the process is cost effective, high quality, and with transparent pricing, We can offer a return on your investment many times over without a considerable initial investment traditionally associated with commercial recording facilities.


Video and Phone Patch

We also have Video and phone patch capabilities. We are recognized as leaders in the industry with sight and sound from Northeast Ohio since 2007. Our expertise as well as experience with all types of studio equipment, hardware, and software associated with commercial recording and commercial recording make your content recognized for excellence and high-quality which will stay relevant for longer and have a larger impact on viewers or listeners for a longer period of time than lower quality material.

Professional Staff

Our digital designers are associated with feature films, documentaries, cartoons and webcomics, advertisements, and commercial video productions. With an array of microphones from Neumann, RODE, Sennheiser, and top-level equipment from Sound Devices, Apple, RED, as well as a post production facility loaded with a full range of outboard gear and the latest software second to none.

Professional Recording and Audio Video Production Services

With our work featured on cable television, as well as radio, film, and a variety of commercial recording projects in our growing commercial reel, we are ready for your next commercial recording project. In general, we provide an efficient, professional recording environment for a clean and reliable production. We realize that production cost is only one part of a larger budget, so making high quality engaging content efficiently is a must.

At Bad Racket every day we do our jobs at the highest quality level possible, and get it done right so we can move on to the next project. Quality and professionalism are emphasized, with the final script and voice talent or actor, we can make your vision a reality. We understand that collaboration is based on communication about the final objective, and whether overseen by an outside post-production facility, or working internally to edit and produce the final product, we realize that we will have varying degrees of influence for different clients during the process. With our emphasis on digital delivery of high quality recorded audio and video to customers, our growing popularity is almost certain to continue to our continued dedication to our craft, Audio Post Production and Mixing from our Studio in Cleveland.