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Bad Racket Mixing Process


Here’s how it works: you send us the tracks, we mix it and send you the mixes, you give us any final changes, we make the revisions, and send the final mixes to you for replication and distribution. We also have a facility to accommodate sit down, artist or producer attended mix down sessions on our comfy couch with free bottled water.


Our Experience in the Recording Studio Mixing

As a recording studio since 2009 we have many years of experience with audio and mixing to help spice up your production and make your tracks sound they best possibly can. We know how to cook up the sound just right. Our professional mixes will impress you and your fans and keep you coming back to the our recording studio for more.


Balancing Sounds for the Best Mix Possible

Once you have your recorded material, it’s time to start mixing your music. By balancing the different elements, your music can reach its full potential. Using tools such as equalizers, compression, Multi-band Expansion, limiting, saturation, reverb, delay, and modulation, we can carve out a place for each instrument and create textures; Giving it focus, space, and interest. Having good tonal balance is essential so it plays back consistently on a wide variety of listening environments. If you already have your tracks recorded and you just need help finishing them off we can help with that too! You can expect professional results. The true art of mixing music lies in cultivating an aesthetic sound that supports the emotional connection of the performance.


Professional Mixing Services at Our Recording Studio in Cleveland

At Bad Racket Studios we are all studio professionals, not part time employees. We understand that you too are approaching your career expecting professional results. It’s our mission to make you sound as close to what you want as possible, ready for the radio, or iTunes. We will form a strategy and look at the results and refine the approach if necessary. No matter how bright or dark the mix, or what circumstances surrounded the recording of your material, from home studios, to full on restoration of historic material, we have the sound you want from modern to vintage. Check out what our engineers have done for the community here. 

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