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Bad Racket is a Cleveland recording studio dedicated to engaging the community from our studio in Cleveland where we have been helping all different types of people bring all different types of sounds to life since we opened 2009. We provide the highest quality sound and audio by supplying the best talent and equipment from our state of the art recording studio.

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Our Recording Studio in Cleveland

Our recording studio offers different recording spaces for different projects. We have an isolated recording booth, live recording room,  control room, plus additional isolation rooms and recording studios for all ready for your next masterpiece.


In the Recording Booth at Bad Racket

Amanda Recording in the Recording Booth at bad Racket guitar and vocals U87

The recording booth is used for voice over, voice recording, and ADR, and all kinds of instruments like guitar. We do all kinds of recording from rap and hip hop music, to commercial voice over for commercials, podcasting, audio for film, video, and TV, Radio commercials, all types of music, and audio book recordings.


Recording in the Live Recording Room at Our Recording Studio in Cleveland

The live recording room is perfect for larger groups and is equipped with two isolation rooms and several isolation options for a full band, choir, or small orchestra. It is approximately 50 x 24 ft and and as our recording studio‘s most impressive and largest room, it is a professionally designed and acoustically treated 1000+ sq. ft. live recording space with  accurate monitoring in the attached control room, and listening room with two isolation rooms suitable for vocals, bass and guitar amp isolation.

Live Recording Room


With soaring 13 foot ceilings, custom wood block diffusion installation, wood wall paneling, and hardwood floors, our recording studio sounds great and is all about making you feel comfortable and performing your best. Our friendly staff can help you with anything you need, so don’t hesitate to ask any questions about the intended process for recording and mixing your project.


Comfortable Spaces for Recording and Listening

A recording studio is a performance space, so we designed a custom crafted environment where you can feel comfortable as we capture your music, voice, or sound in with our professional equipment and expert ear. Our one of a kind space has been accessible to the community and open to anyone since 2009, and is a open space where like minded individuals can connect, and  where you can focus on unlocking your creative talents, and fine tuning your performance as an artist.

recording studio near cleveland bad racket is clevlenads best creative recording space for audio and video podcasting commercial voice over and music production in cleveland full service recording studio for recording and post production

Ultimately, it is our job to help you translate your creative vision to recorded media. Give us a call or send us an email if you have any questions.

Check out Music Videos Filmed in our Recording Studio

Something all of us are passionate about is live music, it’s a shared experience. Whether it’s a band giving it their all or an intimate acoustic performance; It makes you want to be part of it. In every recording we ensure the emotional connection and energy of your performance is captured and supported by an appropriate aesthetic sound.

There is no one right mic for every vocalist or right preamp for every guitar, every session is different and requires a unique response. Ultimately it is our job to help you translate your creative vision to recorded media.

James is Adjusting the Vocal Mic for Heather from Goldmines


We are open to new ideas and all types of music. We believe in the power of community and building face to face connections, learning from others, and supporting creative passion. We are confident our staff and facility will inspire you to create your best work possible.

This recording philosophy continues to define our work, and keep our customers keep coming back.


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