Audio Work: a few different music projects we’ve worked on at our recording studio in Cleveland, Ohio.

Commercial, Video, Music like Rock, Pop, Hip Hop, Blues, Metal, Punk, Electronic, Acoustic, we’ve done it all.

Here are a few different projects we’ve worked on at our studio in Cleveland[/vc_column_text]

We offer a variety of services to the community and we are focused on high quality engaging content. This includes all types of audio and video recording and production.

We record all types of music and have a lot of experience recording Vocal Recording and Acoustic and Classical recording, Hip Hop, Rap, Rock, Metal, Hardcore, Punk, Post-Punk, Indie, Lo-Fi, Punk, Jazz, Blues, Reggae, Folk Music and traditional styles, rock music, Cleveland Bands, Heavy Funk, Gospel, R&B,  Art Rock, Rock and Roll, World Music etc

We offer Commercial Recording, ADR, with award winning work in the complete spectrum of commercial recording work with celebrity credits on big budget Hollywood blockbusters, you can bet our work will be top notch. Ask about our audio post production services and forensic audio restoration packages can be a lifesaver for your project.

Mastering is the final step before distribution. Tweaking the overall volume and levels between tracks as well as the beginning and ending. A perfect fade can really enhance the emotion in your track!

Feel free to listen to our demo reel or browse a selection of our Albums, Mastering, and Commercial Voice Over Production credits.


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