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Our passion is helping new artists, established veterans, labels, independent professionals bring their music to the next level and breakthrough for a lasting impact.


Mastering Rates (With free A/B sample and advice before mastering)

For the best sounding MASTERS, you need the best sounding MIXES.  If you’d like free advice for improving your mixes, before I master your mixes, we want to make every project sound the best it can. Since mastering is often correcting or enhasing choices made during the mix, we can offer mix advice that can help your project even better. #contact


Mastering Rates

Our rates are as low as $35/song for 10 songs or more 5 min or less per song.

We are a mastering studio in Cleveland, Ohio with the latest digital and analog tools, we have all the professional mastering equipment needed in our Our high-end Mastering studio you need. We are experts in mastering music audio and sound CD, vinyl, records, cassette tape, and digital media for the internet TV and Radio. Through the intricacies of audio, we offer our full service mastering studio for the final stage of your production.


You supply us with the final output of the mixes without peak limiting, or excessive compression, OZONE, or sonic maximizers and if possible leave a loose fade. You can always provide two mixes one with processing and another with less.


Providing us with reference material will help address your specific needs in the final product. After you have supplied us with the final mixes we will used eq and compression well as the latest state of the art digital and analog mixing and mastering tools to fine tune your mixes. Give us a call today.

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