James Kananen Audio Engineer and Producer at Bad Racket

Record Producer / Audio Engineer

I am an audio engineer and record producer from Cleveland, Ohio. More than just the person that hits the spacebar or pushes the faders and makes headphone changes, but a helpful resource to achieving your goals. I am an audio engineer whose primary objective is to record a wide variety of content. Through the use of creative recording techniques, I craft a stunning reproduction faithful to the artist’s intent. “It’s important to not only listen to the music but also to listen to the people who are making it.” I have always had a background in music. When I was young, I played piano and various brass instruments. I began recording and producing demos and recordings for friends and family, and after attending college, attended the conservatory of Recording Arts, then moved to Cleveland where I began actively beginning my professional career as an audio engineer. In 2007, recording bands out of my bedroom and my apartment. In 2009, we formed a legal entity for our studio and began looking for a space. I continued to work part-time as a live sound engineer at the Grog Shop until 2014 when I decided to concentrate on studio engineering full time. I plan to continue to record and document the artistic world for others to enjoy. As a craftsman of many arts, I possess just the right combination of skills to help make your project a success.

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James Kananen Audio Engineer at Bad Racket Recording Cleveland Ohio