Recording Studio Internships and Employment Opportunities at Bad Racket

Your first internship task is to read this entire cryptic and cynical article and draw some sort of twisted conclusion.
Dog Puppy effect
We probably will never have regular salaried employees.  Nobody wants to make anything more or less than they deserve. So if you value yourself at 0 its worth nothing to us. We don’t need people to sweep the floor.  What do we do when we receive a internship or employment application for our recording studio. We usually don’t even respond because the expectations are so unrealistic. Who wants someone following them around like a puppy anyways. A puppy who grows up into a dog who can eat you. Try living in NY or LA for awhile, you’ll face the same dog eat dog world, and theres some mean dog packs out there, they can share, or you can pick up the scraps on your own. Why not go right to the food source? Get some dog food of your own? You can.

Why intern when you can freelance.

We do not offer unpaid internships. We do not offer unpaid internships. We do not offer unpaid internships.  Why would you pay $40,000 to go to school and then sweep the floor and be studio barista for free? You think I made coffee? Maybe for myself. I’m sure you’ve all heard that film, audio engineering school, and design school is bull crap. And basically thats the truth if you don’t learn other things. What really matters is doing it. Stop thinking about why the lack of resources is holding you back, use what you have and start somewhere. We will talk to you for free about your personal projects and free advice on what we can do to make your stuff better. We offer student discount based on how nice you are and how much you have.  The music industry isn’t about a piece of paper from college.  Not even a million dollar education can make you a #1 on the charts.

It’s a service/gig based economy and people are always looking to hire experienced temporary workers or want people to call when the regular person can’t

So lets do this. Lets work together to make something awesome. We can all be successful together if we work together. We just need people who are willing to do their own thing, and mostly operate as independent contractors, because thats how the music industry works mostly. It’s a bunch of people all scurrying around trying to make money, and the sooner you get in there the better. And we’re willing to help you do you. Give us a call. We do not offer paid salary positions or internships. We may accept cash or squirrel bones as gifts make sure the bones are clean. Thank you. Please Call 216 309 2882 and dial 4325 extension 409 after the sound, dial 1978 then hang up. Someone will call you back. Thank you.

We get at least 1 job application a day. Not even kidding. If the music industry was hiring this many people, half the people in the world would be producers and audio engineers. The music industry knows this an preys upon these willing students for internships. They use them for their resources, time and to network with the younger friends you have. With so many people willing to do work for free, by the time you burn out, theres already another willing participant waiting at the door. Some interns might be good. 90% have no idea whats going on. Totally unrealistic expectations. They thing they’re going to get a job. You might have a position MADE for you at the end of your internship if there is a financial reason for the studio to keep you there. But mostly, internships are a waste of time, where you just absorb knowledge and bad habits from someone who gets a kick out of bossing someone around. Its a predatory system, and when you factor in all the for profit bogus educational institutions pushing this stuff, its just a big pyramid scheme with the people with money at the top, you at the bottom, and nothing but insurmountable odds in between. You can listen to the fairy tales, but this is America, money rules everything around you. Don’t be a sheep. Don’t be a clone. Be your own person. It begins with hands on workshop called surviving as an adult part 2, which is available for free at the following link. HERE    consider this link step two of your internship at Bad Racket recording Studios.