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Our mixing process begins with initial communication and ends with you as a satisfied customer. Each part of your project requires careful consideration of your needs as an artist, producer, or musician, but also careful style and evaluation of tones based on your needs. We offer a free mixing consultation for any project large or small. Please Contact us! Typically mixing projects start with half down, but check out our rates page if you want to know what to expect.


Initial file transfer

We are flexible with file transfer and we often ask, “What’s easiest for you?” We can pick up or drop of hard-drives, or transfer files through the internet. Wetransfer.com or drop-box, as well as google drive, or popping in your USB thumb-drive, or bringing your laptop over and using one of our USB thumb-drives or external USB or Firewire Hard drive of almost any format.


Careful Mixing with expert ear.

We do this for a living so we know what works and what doesn’t. If there’s anything I’ve learned from mixing music, it’s that there’s more than one way to do it. Careful communication is key,  the process can have multiple sessions to really fine tune your music, or style. We are willing to help you achieve the best results possible.


Mixing and Editing

We can do edits for drums, guitar, vocals, as well as samples and effects with different sounds. Our expert touch will make sure the character and tone of your music matches the vibe you’re going for. Let’s talk about 10 examples of work you really admire, and how we can improve your own individual style with mixing and professional production techniques. Tracking ensures the tracks are in there, and mixing brings out the best elements at the right time and presented with the correct timbre every unique sound and style imaginable. We help you sort out the host almost limitless parameters, knobs, levels, and faders, buttons, and knobs that the studio offers, into manageable pieces. With organization and preserving original file integrity, and back-ups, we can take your mixing project to the next level!


Final Editing and Mixing

After mixing the final mastering and track order is decided. Lets get the final mixes ready for mastering and the final file delivery! We can provide you with any file specification you require, as well as burn CDs or advise you to a local, or regional manufacturer for CDs Cassette Tapes or Vinyl Records, as well as tips for maximizing your digital release as well.


Big Smiles All Around!

Our process ends with you as a happy customer. We’re here to build meaningful relationships with a variety of members of the music and sound industry. Let’s talk about how we can make you smile, because you’re done with your project, and happy because we are easy to work with and flexible to a variety of styles and genres including Rock, Pop, Hip-Hop, Rap, Folk, Americana, Country, Metal, EDM and Electronic, Lo-Fi, Punk, Reggae, Dub styles, and Classical or Traditional classical music as well.


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