Sound Design Services at Bad Racket Studios in Cleveland

Proper sound design is fundamental to a successful and engaging end result. It sets the energy for the final result and can improve the impact of the production and help keep audiences engaged. By adding clear dialog and effects, we can sculpt the sound and sequence music, adding different elements and manipulating existing content to improve the sound for picture.

Sound Design is the voice over recording,dialog and other audio elements like samples and effects that set the soundstage for TV, Film, Radio-play, or commercial production. We offer full production in house whether you need a simple jingle, or a full length feature film with effects, music, and dialog. We can help you acquire licensing for audio elements within your script, as well as for live performance and reproduction. Here at Bad Racket we do sound design and production for television, web videos, corporate training videos, documentaries, full length feature films and more.

Volume Adjustment

Each track is carefully placed with volume and panning within the sound stage. Various psychoacoustic effects for placement and clarity. We manipulate the audio for maximum understandability. Nobody should be wondering: “What was that?” because when you’re watching a video or movie, nobody likes to hit rewind to go back just to follow along. A great audio experience can make or break your experience, and be the difference between ” Bad B-Movie Sound” to “Professional Production. 

In Studio Voice Over

Replacing messy dialog can be the best route to completing your project,. From sourcing talent or recording actors already cast, we can take your project to the next level with quality in studio voice over.

Rescuing “bad-audio“when re-recording Dialog and ADR is not an option

Ideally you should replace any “bad audio” but if you are already way over budget, or replacing the dialog later just isn’t an option, we can clean and help eliminate background noise like fans, heaters, car honks, and weird bumps and thumps that happen every so often. Yes, even cell phone noises can be removed in some cases. Or covered with sound effects or other creative editing and production techniques that can rescue your project, and polish a professional production out of a diamond in the rough.

Cleaning Up The tracks and Adding Special effects and Editing

We apply state of the art techniques to clean up dialog, and editing, slicing and dicing, mixing and chopping and fading. We make the experience what the modern media consumer expects. This is professional ear and the latest equipment. Through sweeting the existing tracks, or recording new stuff, and layering and enhancing existing tracks, we offer the refinement of video froum our studios in cleveland, offering a high level of quality and professionalism in sound design and post production.


Applying and expert ear

We apply expert careful listening for common problems, and just general weirdness that we don’t need. You’d be surprised how many weird noises the human mouth can make! We clean it up!

Dynamics and Volume Control

Dynamics of dialog can go up and down. Shouts and yelling can be lack luster without the volume and dynamics of the production are properly adjusted. Dynamics can be an important and exciting enhancement. Grabbing listeners during dramatic sections, or making a calming soothing feeling from gentle music or sonic textures.

Reverb, Ambience, and Effects

R0om tone and ambience can be an important part of creating a realistic environment for actors dialog within the space. Sometimes the room is sounding funky. Now-days, new de-reverb algorithms can make your recordings sound dryer if room comb-filtering has rendered your audio less than perfect. Sometimes just a little EQ can make all the difference.

In Conclusion

With an amazing sound stage complete with music and dialog, blended with sound effects you can add an exciting element to your project.  The process of creating all these things from scratch can be beyond your scope of ability, so we can cover the gaps in production to make your project the best it can be.

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