Alesis HD 24

Live Sound Audio Recording:


Live sound rates depend on equipment and travel expenses. We do live location recording and on location audio for film production. Live band sound productions should begin with a stage plot of your setup, and end with a solid performance on tape or recorded with our professional equipment.  It’s about you and your performance.


Touring musicians often need time to relax, we offer a stress free zone where you can kick back relax. Bad Racket Recording Studio is downtown and just an Uber away from several hotels and Restaurants and world class dining establishments, as well as practice space and rehearsal space.


Recording a live show can be challenged given the live nature of the event. There is only so much you can do and should do during a performance, but where the atmosphere or energy is what you’re looking to capture, we can provide electrifying sound to your live show performance video or music video. We have experience with live sound and have recorded many gigs from classical to rock and heavy metal. Unlike in the studio, Live, you can’t ask for another take, so care will be taken to make sure recording is up to the ruggedness and rigors of the road.


Location recording or recording a live show begins with as much information as possible, and ideally a visit in person of the performance venue. Some venues can be designed to fit as many people as possible, and acoustics can be terrible without a crowd, but at least this minimal knowledge of the space will help us out when we absolutely must be prepared for the live performance. Recordings without good mic placement can be terrible, so finding out in advance what cabling and equipment we might need to record but the direct mic lines, as well as a boom or audience mic. Whenever a spot mic isn’t an option, a stereo room mic may be the best option for some acts.


During the performance or filming, we monitor with headphones the signal and adjust the level as necessary to get a good camera feed or live stereo mix, as well as recording each of the individual channels so that EQ, mixing, and post production can be done on the individual tracks at a later date.



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