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Free Drum Samples from Bad Racket

Free Drum Samples from Bad Racket Recording Studios Cleveland


Drums at Bad Racket in the Live recording room with Sennheiser and Shure microphones being used. on the Kick and Toms with condenser mics on the overheads.

Samples Included:

8 Kick Drum Sample
8 Snare Hard Samples
8 Snare Medium Samples
8 Rack Tom Samples
8 Floor Tom Samples


All files are 24 bit 44.1 khz WAV Files All Samples were Recorded and Mixed by Henri K. W. Rapp, at Bad Racket Recording Studios in Cleveland, Ohio.



Download Link

This week at Bad Racket we sampled a kit since it sounded so great in our live room. Here is a free download of those samples.

Free Download Here


Please Link to if you use the samples for commercial purposes or from bandcamp!

If you have any questions or you’re in Cleveland give us a call!