Avid Pro Tools 12 at our recording studio

Avid Pro Tools 12

Pro Tools is the Industry Standard for Audio says Sweetwater Sound. Now you can pay $30 a month to have pro tools plus….. a bonus! (iLok is required)

Pro Tools is designed for people who have no idea that there is more to a studio than Pro Tools. Hairy bearded men everywhere attest that Pro Tools is best. While there are standard operating features, there are also now bonus features! (iLok required). Get a free video!

Industry Standard Tools

Pro Tools is like the F-150 of the DAW world. Standard power. You can have fancy add ons with plugins, but basically any DAW will sound the same so just use whatever you are most comfortable with or what makes sense to you. Tools like razor blade, magic wand, blast of lightning, shock wave, and explosion will astound and horrify your listeners (provided they have purchased iLok)

Pro Tools 12 in All its Glory

Pro tools is music recording software build for music production and in the box music creation. With a two window interface, you better get another screen if you want to go Pro with Pro Tools in your home studio. Many advanced features. Much happy functions only a click down into the GUI there is a massive collection of code and nick nacks buried deep under layers of knobs and endless buttons and parameters cascading into the millions of hundreds of thousands of lines of code wrapped in to a convenient package loaded environment exploding into insane collaboration and mixers and producers from New York and LA mixers mixing audio and then sending it to you, who the heck is this person? Who cares? He’s from New York and he has also paid the monthly subscription fee from the sales engineer. new powerful audio engine takes advantage of multicore processors and heavy hitting superior professional recording software.

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