Recording Studio Control Room

Our recording studio in Cleveland, Ohio, features a professionally designed control room with proper acoustic treatment it is an accurate listening room for mixing and mastering.


The control room is one of the most important rooms in the recording studio. It is where all the critical listening that determines creative choices about the recordings is done. Having a room with accurate frequency response, stereo imaging, and appropriate decay times is essential. In order to ensure the control room sounds its best, it has been acoustically treated with an absorptive ceiling cloud, rear diffuser, corner bass traps, and absorptive panels throughout. Having a room with the proper frequency response and proper stereo imaging, as well as appropriate decay times is important to getting great sounding mixes and translate well to many environments. Our expert engineers, Henri and James record, mix and master all types of music and audio for CD, vinyl, film, commercials, tape, or the internet. Loaded with an all analog Soundcraft B800 vintage recording console, quality converters, and phenomenal acoustics this control room is a studio workhorse


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