Vintage Marshall Amplifier JCM900


If you’re looking for a solid vintage marshall tone this is it. Use it as a combo, or as a head with another cabinet. It’s a player’s favorite from a raunchy crunchy tone, to an aggressive hard gain, you can hear the distortion as it saturates the tone with harmonics. We have fresh tubes and it’s ready to rock. If you’d like to try this or any of our other amplifiers, let us know. We have Custom amplifier and speaker enclosures as well as tube classics like the Marshall JCM900. While the repair, maintenance, and modification of our amps sometimes feels like a full time job, it’s worth it to have a variety of classic tones to choose from.


The legacy of Marshall amplifiers continues with this classic example of a marshal tube amp. From classic rock, to metal, and heavier genres, marshall amplifiers have played a significant roll in bring a high-gain crunch to rock music. From this tonal pallet we pull a specific color and sonic response from the amplifiers twin 6L6 vacuum tubes in the power stage and 12AX7 preamp tubes. You can get a muddy or harsh tone with lower quality amps, so lets make some quality  loud noises together soon!


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Some Tube Amplifiers in our Studio