Neumann u87 ai Condenser Recording Microphone

neuman u87 audio recording microphone-min

This is one of the best if not the best microphone you can buy for vocals and its distinctive shape and iconic name makes it a classic. With the quality of engineering, testing, and manufacture second to none, you can expect professional results from this mythical vintage Neumann microphone. Its a must- have for studio professionals, and the frequency response and smooth natural sound is great on vocals, guitar, room, overheads, drums, and well, just about anything. With the technical demands rigorous, and the appreciable level of precision drawn to the finest degree, the Neumann U87 is a sound you’ve heard on countless classic records. Whats better than a Neumann u87? Two! A stereo pair is a great addition to any studios arsenal. You’ll see the u87 and its brother the u47 in countless vocal mic shootouts. When comparing the sound, the u87’s classic sound becomes apparent. Its uncompromising excellence and refined and detailed sound characteristics make it indispensable for studio recordings, and will provide professional, consistent results over a wide range of types of music and voices. The multi pattern switch makes it versatile in omni or figure 8 mode. Check out its younger brother the TLM103 (which only has cardioid pattern).


Technical Data and Specifications Neumann u87 Ai

Neumann U87 AI Frequency Response Cardiod Omni and Figure 8 Polar Pattern

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