Tips for Migrating a Home Recording Studio to Professional Business 

Your home office or home studio setup is the perfect incubator for your professional audio career. Whether your a producer just out of Ohio University, Full Sail, Recording Connection, Uncle Swampy’s Sound Lab, or some other sound rat related education institution, you’ve got to start somewhere.


Get a website get a brand Get with the Program
Get a website. You need one. How will people find out about you and what you do if you don’t even have a website. A dot com preferably. Why? Because google is how people find things. And if google finds nothing about you guess what your chances of getting hired are zip.


We don’t even consider people who have nothing come up when they google them as competitors. If I google you and pages of great stuff comes up, now you’ve really got me. If you have a common name, or your name isn’t how you want to see yourself professionally, get a brand name. So if your name is XYZ productions, I want to see or or almost anything that identifies you as you. You need a lot of content, and good stuff not just crap. This is how companies find people to work with, this is how search engines work, and if you aren’t sharing online in an easily accessible way, you are essentially invisible.

Get your stuff together. Get your website, contact, and professional music or sound recording website up and running. Don’t think you don’t need it because everything is in the palm of your hand, and you can be the creator or the consumer. It’s your choice.

If you don’t have credits, who cares, make stuff anyways. make a fake commercial. Make a video about stuff or something you’re interested in. Be the best you can be and be the authority on that subject. Master your craft. Get in-tune with your goals and create creative objectives and achieve them.

But don’t you have to have a huge recording studio with a million dollars worth of gear? The answer is no. Not anymore. A lot can be made with a laptop, tablet or even a phone nowadays. If you’re completely unable to do any websites or content creation then hire someone who does, but if you’re just starting out you need to do it yourself. No one’s going to do this for you you have to make it happen for yourself.

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