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Bad Racket: Cleveland Recording Studio 2220 Superior Ave. E. Suite 204 Cleveland, Ohio, 44114 CALL: (216) 309-2882

Bad Racket is a recording studio in Cleveland, Ohio. We do voice recording and music recording mostly, but also audio for podcasts, commercial voice-over, and many other recording studio related and post production services. Our professional recording studio located in downtown Cleveland, Ohio is is the ears best choice for high quality recording, post production, and mastering. In addition to audio, we have a major connection to Cleveland's Film and Commercial production community. From script-writing and film and video production to sound and audio production for video.

Recording Services from our Recording Studio in Cleveland Ohio

Recording Services from our Recording Studio in Cleveland Ohio

Bad Racket Recording Studio Cleveland Ohio

Recording in the Studio and Audio Post Production from our Studios Near Cleveland

Bad Racket hosts a variety of professional sound engineers producers and freelance audio engineers spanning decades of experience across the US and internationally. We are equally experienced in mixing and mastering in teht studio as part of our post production routine for audio recorded in our studio or elsewhere. We have worked on almost every type of project imaginable, from corporate sound recording and voice over, to music recording and mixing and mastering music and sound for streaming and video. Our music production and mixing skills as well as recording, audio restoration, and commercial reel is second to none, and our mastering services are rated hottest on earth.


Recording Studio Location: 2220 Superior Ave East Recording Studio Phone Number: (216) 309 2882

For recording and mixing audio, bad racket recording studio is the best option in the Cleveland area. we are responsible for recording and mixing a large variety of content from local music and voice talent sources, as well as a multitrack recording facility ready for lots, or just one track in our state of the art recording booth. Whether you need the ultimate gear package, or just the basics,. our recording rates are tailored to the needs of whatever the customer needs. Having years of experience and a fine tuned ear for audio, we ensure your audio is recorded right the first time. In the endm, the quality will be better and the post production will be easier with audio recorded in our amazing recording studio.


Audio Post Production Mixing and Mastering

Cutting edge audio is a seamless process at Bad Racket. We know bad sound sticks out like a sore thumb and the importance of the right tone and we know you want your sound to be the best it can be! Our audio post production and mixing skills as music and sound producers and audio engineers are the best in the industry. With a large number of independent music and film projects taking off in the area, we want to be your first choice for audio post production, mixing, mastering, or final enhancements that will color your soundscapes with rich and clear tones that will leave listeners with a positive listening experience. With our final balancing of tracks, EQ and adjusting voluments, we make sure your film, music, or commercial project is polished and ready to bring and immersive auditory experience to the listener.


Music, Film, Sound Design, or Other Recording or Mixing Project

It could be a documentary or commercial voice over, narrative film, or TV Commercial, Reality TV, or Full Length Feature Film. Everyone knows the best sound starts with the best sound recorded. We work with directors, producers, creative partners, and different actors and artists, to create the right vibe and capture the best audio and video possible. The most important thing to any music or production is getting the best take, and capturing the music or sound using the best industry standard production techniques. Everything from the recording microphone, the level, how close the mic is, and different compression choices the audio engineer makes effects the signal. We strive  to capture your sound in the best way possible and bring it all together with a powerful representation of your work, whether its a recording captured in the recording studio, or a post production gig that is getting mixed and mastered from tracks recorded elsewhere.


Commercial and Studio Voice Over Recording or Feature Film Production

We do a lot of high quality commercial recording and voice over for music and video production. We provide industry standard phone and data patch capatbnaites,. with an easy way to to communicate with producers and patch in talent remotely. We have several great sounding microphones and the best preamp and recording studio technology to meet or exceed your needs for a variety of demanding projects, dealing with just a very few, or tons of tracks and hundreds of audio files.


Mastering and Mixing

Mixing and post production and audio mastering for music productions, is the final step that gets the audio ready for use or release. We make sure your sound will be good on any system, including mobile devices and other smaller formats. We make the sound louder, and cleaner, and use EQ and volume control tools like compression to get louder, puncher and more powerful mixes. We have a lot of experience doing releases for vinyl, and digital releases for places like amazon, itunes, and bandcamp and film and commercial work mixing and creating original music soundscapes. We add reverb and cut out undesired audio bits, cutting together  the best takes to create a work that represents your best efforts in the studio, or where ever you recorded audio. Breaths, and weird noises can be removed, and audio with very poor sound can be improved, repaired, or restored, or the impact of excessive noise can b e reduced. We can use advanced post production and new tools to get amazing results from less than perfect recordings.


Our Recording studio is conveniently located in Cleveland. Send us a text or contact us today!

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