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Location Sound Recording

You have worked hard to get great looking video, we are here to help ensure that it sounds as good as it looks. We will come to your video shoot to record the location sound. It’s important for high-quality video productions to have clear dialog, natural environment sounds, and the space to sound appropriate to the filming location.

According to multiple studies, people are far more likely to watch videos with poor video quality and good audio quality then the inverse for longer periods. Capturing location sound properly can go a long way to improving the quality of your content, whether it is for Film, Television, Commercials, or Internet Streaming, Every project is different and requires different things; Whether it’s just a boom mic, or everyone using wireless lavaliers. Contact us for a custom quote.


We do location recording for TV, Video, and Film. This is sometimes referred to as a Location Recordist or location or set sound production mixer. We place the microphones on the actors and if need be use a boom-pole or microphone stand to record dialog. We have the professional audio gear, and access to a wide selection of world class equipment suitable for hollywood blockbusters, commercial production, dialog and location sound recording anywhere in the world! We capture the sounds using industry standard equipment like Sound Devices, and shotgun mics as well as lavalier mics from RODE, Sennheiser, Sony, Neumann, and more.

Location Sound Recording Service

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