Our Recording Studio Is your Classroom: Bad Racket Studios in Cleveland

Producer the Control Room of the Recording Studio
Our Real Professional Studio can be the next step in your education and career in the music industry!


Music Producer Training

Learn to master the basics of being a music producer. Our insider access to our studio will make it rain knowledge! Ima make it rain knowledge! learn how to produce music in a private session with a professional producer. Let our lifestyle coach guide you through the ins and outs, market analysis and professional business and marketing advice. There is a creative side and a technical aspect to making music. Let us help you pursue a career in both, while getting to work with some of the biggest artists in Cleveland, Ohio.


In the Recording Studio

Our music producers work from home and in the recording studio crafting beats and twerking successful careers in the music industry. One on one lessons with accomplished producer and technician who can teach your the techniques and provide you with the tools and techniques for music production in the recording studio. Todays music requires solid skills in music production and audio engineer to produce the top hits. We provide you with the knowledge, experience and listening training to maximize your tracks and get yourself geared up to your career in the music industry!


Audio Engineering , Mixing, and Mastering

From microphone placement and recording in our studio. Get hands on experience setting levels, recording and listening back with our legendary audio engineers; Get in the trenches of audio and break down the signal flow from the artist to the computer, and back out to the headphones and speakers.

Kick your feet up on the desk and get comfortable, we aren’t in an stale office anymore. Our professional recording studio is your new cubicle. Bad Racket helps aspiring recording engineers and music producers step up their game for successful careers in the music industry. With one on one sessions in the recording studio, we teach you the basics of recording, acoustics, and signal flow. As we listen back to the tracks, we listen for automation changes that are needed and teach creative mixing techniques in our professional recording studios in Cleveland.

Our educational system is built on a pay what you can learn what you want. Skip the boring stuff and learn what you want, without having to sit through boring classes, or unnecessary lectures. Colleges like Full Sail and Recording Connection can cost thousands of dollars, and unneeded expenses when you can get the knowledge you want, experience in the studio, and career insights, following your path at lightning speed!


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