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Using a Rhyming Dictionary for Songwriting

Using a Rhyming Dictionary for Songwriting

Using a Rhyming Dictionary for Songwriting Hunter Prunty Cleveland

A lot of people use a rhyming dictionary or even a dictionary to help with rhyming words. While there’s many rhyming apps, popular Rhyming dictionary sites like rhymezone, , chiming fictionary, and others, is it cheating, or even a good idea to use something like this for inspiration? Some offer slant rhyme or end syllable rhyming for songwriters, rappers, and artists to use in their songs and poems.

When you’re trying to connect with other people’s hearts, it doesn’t hurt to try to write from the heart. But don’t worry if some of the music refs blow the whistle on your tactics, it’s all fair game. The only people who care are other musicians and wannabes. Sometimes rhyming apps aren’t that helpful, and too much end rhyme can sound cheesy, but as long as your endgame is good, who cares what your approach is. Good music always seems to fall into places, and how you arrive there isn’t somehow factored on your conscious effort to play by the rules. I don’t think cheating in music is any less creative. The message, and how you connect to other components in the song is all about how you think of each of the elements and connect them somehow together. where its with rhyming, or other tactics like showing both sides or opposites. You can’t limit your creativity, and Rhyming dictionaries and other song writing tools can provide an important link between focusing attention on the way different words sound but a  attaching far more challenging comparisons than whether two words sound alike may be better songwriting. Almost all great songwriters and rap musicians use rhyming and onamonapia to showcase their creativity, so why not try a rhyming dictionary out.

Too many times I hear bad rappers with a million rhyming words strung together like a crazy messed up sentence. Having words fit together with coherent meaning regardless of rhyming is a natural flow, and getting caught up in a rhyme is just part of the fun. You can bend words together that don’t really sound the same, and making use of funny pronunciations and different regional versions of words can be a way to introduce non-standard or slant rhyming with a rhyming dictionary. Rhyming is almost a subconscious thing, but natural rhymes can be a fun way to make an impression on listeners. It’s the pattern of the syllables and the second set of speakers in your head, that plays back what you remembered from the song a few seconds later that crafts a psychoacoustic response. It’s all part of making music, and rhymes are natural part of songs. If we examine Lil Waynes Uproar as an example, we’ll go line by line and see how a rhyming dictionary could have helped rewrite some of the lines

Lil Waynes Uproar Chorus

“What the ***** though? Where the love go?
Five, four, three, two, I let one go
Bow, get the ***** though, I don’t bluff, bro
Aimin’ at your head like a buffalo
What the ***** though? Where the love go?
Five, four, three, two, I let one go
Bow, get the ***** though, I don’t bluff, bro
Aimin’ at your head like a buffalo”
What if we had used a rhyming dictionary to replace some of the words we get:

Lil Waynes Uproar (Remix Chorus)

“What the ladybug.  I’m a cybernut chipmunk.
Five, four, three, seven, its my real profession!
Bow, down, its an ****ing underground battleground
It’s a resurrection people are being raised from the dead.”
We started out poorly and slowly got worse and worse finally giving up at the last line and just said something stupid.
Obviously very creative, but is it better?
You decide. Would I have even thought about the ladybug line if I hadn’t been looking for slant rhymes?
Conclusion: Check our rhymezone, and   is really cool too.