Voice Over Recording in Cleveland at Bad Racket Recording Studio or On Location


We record voice over for corporate videos, how-to videos, explainer videos, instruction videos, IVR and Voicemail systems, and narration and character voice over for full length feature films, documentaries, cartoons, marketing and advertising. 


Voice Over Recording in the Recording Studio in Downtown Cleveland

Voice over recording, editing, and delivery is a common thing here at the recording studio in downtown Cleveland, Ohio.

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Voice Over On Location for Commercial, Film, and on Location


Commercial Voice Over Recording with Denis Castiglione


  • You get professional top tier sounding voice over delivered as audio files with no hissing, zero background noise, as raw files or as fully edited and professionally touched up with removal of pops clicks breaths, or other unneeded noises or sounds.


  •  Our professional recording studio delivers pre recorded sound effects and background music licensed for your use and our excellent sound isolation gets you professional sounding audio in no time. 


  • We recorded voice over to help reach massive audiences around the world. I can help cast talent, or record someone you’ve already found to get you exactly what you’ve been looking for.


  • You provide the script, and we spit out audio. It’s as simple as reaching out for scheduling availability. We’d be happy to provide a sample recording of material similar to what your project requires. 


Voice Over Project Scope

It’s important to define the scope of the project to provide an accurate price quote. From a one stop shop option, to a collaboration with many other producers or executives, we have Source Connect and Video chat options for your recording session. 


Examples of Voice Over Recording that happen in our recording studio frequently include:

  • Full Length Feature Film ADR and Voice Over
  • Theater or Dramatic Performance
  • Corporate Presentation or Web Video 
  • Educational and Corporate Videos
  • TV and Radio Productions ETC


We have 10+ years experience in excellence in voice over recording in Cleveland Ohio! We have experience with ad agencies, production managers, executives and celebrity voice overs and many freelance voice over talents from around the world.  We have at least 2 top tier microphone options including options from Neumann, AKG, and Sennheiser. 


We frequently use Source Connect, Phone patch  or Skype to communicate with producers, vocal coaches and executive producers around the world. From big names you’ve heard of to just regular people you have never even heard of. We work with all types of talent. 


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