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Record with Bad Racket: A Cleveland, Ohio Recording Studio
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Bad Racket is a community based recording studio in Cleveland, Ohio. We provide services like recording, mixing, and mastering for individuals, bands, companies, and organizations. Our analog and digital media specialists craft high quality recordings and mix your material to reach it’s full potential, whether it's vinyl, digital release, or something else .

CALL US for a free consultation or come check out our facility near downtown Cleveland, Ohio.

Our one of a kind recording space offers a relaxed environment where you can perform your best without breaking the bank. Check out our Videos, projects we’ve worked on, and photos from the studio. We believe in a human element is important to every project, after all, the audience is human. We provide a custom crafted response to every project, and work with you to achieve the best results possible. Our expertise and dedication to the arts ensures your best result! We’re excited to work on new projects ranging from music, video, film, or even commercial voiceover.

Recording studio, Cleveland, Ohio style
Recording studio, Cleveland, Ohio style

At Bad Racket it really isn't about us. It's about you. A studio is first and foremost a place for artists, and just like any artist, you want to get your material heard. You want to grow your listeners and fanbase, and you want to create something awesome according to your own unique creative vision. From humble beginnings in Ohio City near Cleveland, Ohio, to a new location in the heart of Downtown Cleveland Ohio's Superior Arts District, we crafted a one of kind environment where creativity can flow. Music Fans, you can find lots of music and videos here at Bad Racket. We host a semi-almost-monthly music video series called Live from Bad Racket, which has now evolved into a sort of free form video project for emerging bands and touring acts. Contact us if you think you'd like to be part of one.

The Cleveland music community works together in a simple, amazing way. Thanks to you for being a part of it.