Sound Devices 664 Production Mixer | Bad Racket Studios Cleveland

The Sound Devices 664 is a production mixer and field recording mixer for location recording and Recording and Mixing Sound for Film at Bad Racket Recording Studios. It Has 12 analog inputs and was designed to record on CF and SD cards.  It has unbelievable clarity and quality over a wide range of applications. With many easy to use features such as integrated time code, and 4 output busses for headphones and camera audio etc. The 664 is perfect for location recording for video and film as well as music recording. It has only 0.09% THD and 20Hz to 50 khz plus or minus 0.5db. With -126dBu max input noise its clean and with XLR input makes recording a microphone on set or on location easy and as professionally sounding as in the studio. With individual Input limiters, makes limiting loud noises and pops transparent. With 96db Mic in and output gain, you could hear a mouse sneeze.



Recording Corporate Interviews

Sound Devices 664 Recording and Interview On Location for a Corporate Video for AdCom

Recording Community Interview with Sound Devices 664


Sound Devices 664 on Set Recording and Interview


On set with Sound Devices 664 Recording Mixer

Sound Devices 664Jones the Cat and Sound Devices 664

This cat uses the mixer too. Wow. so amazing.


Recording Music at Mixion Hall with Sound Devices 664 in Cleveland Ohio at the Cleveland Institute of Music

Recording Classical Music