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Bad Racket is a recording studio in Cleveland, Ohio. We do voice recording and music recording mostly, but also audio for podcasts, commercial voice-over, and many other recording studio related and post production services. Our professional recording studio located in downtown Cleveland, Ohio is is the ears best choice for high quality recording, post production, and mastering. In addition to audio, we have a major connection to Cleveland's Film and Commercial production community. From script-writing and film and video production to sound and audio production for video.

Easy Music Sync Licensing with Music Producer Brit Fox at Bad Racket Recording Studio

music licensing example: Reality TV

Easy Music Sync Licensing with Music Producer Brit Fox at Bad Racket Recording Studio

Sync licensing is placement of your music in Films, TV shows, commercials. Examples of Sync Licensing are shows on Netflix Amazon and Hulu, and in cable TV channels like HBO and MTV. In short, sync licensing can mean big money for artists, and residual income and other long term benefits as well. Music supervisors want the world’s top talent in their new productions, so a composer or other creator usually has songs that are ready to meet a specific style or need. Professional sync licensing can be a way to  connect with new audiences.

Why “Sync” Licensing?

“Sync” is when a completed track gets paired, or “synced” up, with a visual motion picture.

Here is an example of the music licensing you can hear in the newest Apple ad.

A music licensing is an agreement to use the created music for the production.

Did you know reality shows can use up to 100 pieces of music in a 42-minute episode. Often times, we don't even realize sync licensing is happening!

When it comes to syncs, there are two types of music you can create for it.  One is a cue, the other is a song.

Let’s think of some good ‘ol reality television like the Real Housewives franchise.  The lead character goes out shopping with her friends to talk about another character in the show.  As they talk, you as an audience may start to feel tense or dramatic.  That’s because an urban tension cue started playing in the background.  A cue is a piece of music lasting a  minute or two that playback during a scene, often with dialogue.  A cue is meant to add dramatic effect to a scene.

How many different pieces of music cues did you hear? A lot right?  And those where only cues!

Now let’s go back to the advertisement example.  As the commercial flashes images of the latest product, a song is playing in the background with minimal or no dialogue from the advertisement.  Take a look at this Nike Ad to get a feel.

A great tv show that uses vocals syncs is Black-Ish.  Notice when the music plays, the dialogue dies down.  Look out for this pattern next time you’re watching a show and see what scenes you hear cues versus songs.

Alternatively, you can get your music licensed commercially too.  For example, when you are out shopping you may hear a song playing overhead in the department store.  This is called an overhead radio sync.

Join Brit Fox for a opportunity at national exposure with music licensing.  Offering placement-ready Urban music with female vocals for film/tv, book with Brit today.  She is a standout for placing Cleveland recording studio artists on television shows like Married to Medicine, Get ShortyBlack Ink Crew.

A vital energy to the community, she connects local Cleveland independent musicians to recording A&R Labels like Def Jam. Working with companies ranging from Disney, MTV & HBO, Brit Fox leads the pack in music coordinating for film/tv.

During your next recording or pre-production session she can provide insight in getting your own music on Netflix or even featured in large advertisers like Google and Facebook.  As a leader in the music business in Cleveland, you can find Brit working with all-levels of artists in a cozy, creative space custom made for confident female vocal performances.

Request your studio session today to find a supportive space for female urban vocalists where feelings are first and support is forever.


As An Artist How Do I Make Money From Music Licensing?

Sync licensing is like gardening, to get the greatest yield you want to plant many seeds.  Therefore, the more syncs = the more money.  Getting your music in certain spots through Advertising, Digital Streaming and Film/TV as well as generating national exposure can get your music to make TONS of money. One artist recently earned a songwriting deal directly with VH1.

In addition to Sync Fees, or upfront payments, you can get paid on the backend too.  For example, Performing master sound recordings can be used as a lifetime residual, or royalty, through Performance Royalties and Mechanically through streaming services.

How Do I Get My Music On Film/TV?

It’s never been easier!  By scheduling a studio session with Brit Fox, she can turn your track into one that can be licensed.  Alternatively, you can collaborate and make a track from scratch.

With her ear to the ground for talent, combined with meeting the needs of the marketplace recording a session with Brit can make you money.

Once the recording session is completed, mixed, mastered and professionally assigned, Brit pitches your music directly to networks.  Music is then measured against the visual motion screen (sync)  If your music works for the scene & is signed – you’ve officially been placed!

Music supervisors requesting bespoke music designed to fit your needs require professional, speedy turn-around to publish exclusively or non-exclusively. Our one-stop production house offers metadata, stems, alternative versions and a smile 🙂

Brit is always happy to talk to you about your current projects. Reach out to Brit today.