These uncategorized blog posts for Bad Racket Recording studio have many interesting tidbits of recording studio and audio production knowledge from our recording studio.

Hunter Prunty Audio Engineer

Intro to Audio Engineering for Musicians and Songwriters

Intro to Audio Engineering for Musicians and Songwriters Audio Engineering 101 Everything in the studio starts and ends with the musician. From the performance, to hopefully collecting a check. Musicians rely on the principles of audio engineering to record sound from analog to digital.   The gear can make a big difference too The music…

Urban USA 3D Surround Ambiences Boom Library

Review: Debris Sound Effect Pack from BOOM Library

Written by Henri Rapp The Debris Sound Effects Pack from Boom Library is an incredible collection of pure destruction sounds! With more than 2100+ unique impact, crunching, crushing, smashing, tearing, crumbling, & explosion sounds, as well as numerous material variations from glass to concrete, metal, wood, & plastic; variety is no issue in this collection. From subtle to…