Wolf Teeth A House // A Home

A House // A Home by Wolf Teeth [2015]

Recorded by Henri Rapp

“A House//A Home is our debut release, documenting both our first 6 months as a collective, and our attempt at coming to terms with our pasts. It is a personal and unpolished look at 4 friends trying to self-medicate, and a preview of what’s to come.”

Drums-Mikey Thompson
Guitars-Nick Davies
Bass-Ricky Whittle
Vocals-Eddy Marflak

Recorded and mixed at Bad Racket by Henri K. W. Rapp
Mastered at Audiosiege by Brad Boatright.


released May 25, 2015



It Started Out with a Whisper

It started with a whisper in the distance, resembling wind but doleful
I could not make out the sound, but I knew that it drew nearer with each passing breath
an unfleeting sigh, I knew when I looked into her eyes.
She was trembling at the very sight of me, choking on my tongue in anger
I could not chew off my words quick enough to stop the tears from falling at her feet

“For every flower that grows, reap from root what you’ve sown
burn the fields son, and don’t look back!”
I bare my father’s blood, cut from mother’s cloth, dripping enmities from wounds earned in my past.

I know I scare you, I’m a scary man, but I am so tired of being angry and self loathing
of hurting everyone I love, these fists fight ghosts they’ll never fucking touch, but my heart, it feels each blow.

I want you to know, though I’m trying the best that I can, you should find someone else to hold your hand. I’ve failed lovers time and again; I don’t deserve this love, I always fuck this up!
So I’m keeping my fingers crossed, in hopes we both don’t just end up lost, and if you should decide to let go, I think that I would understand.
I don’t deserve this love, I always fuck this up!


from A House//A Home, released May 26, 2015

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