st55 and akg c414 condensor microphones

Hunter talks about microphones polar patterns!

Understanding Microphone Polar Patterns Hunter From Bad Racket Recording Studio in Cleveland, Ohio talks about how microphones pick up sound as well as how we use them in the studio. Microphone polar patterns is how the microphone picks up sound and in what directions. They includes cardioid, Omni-directional Figure-8. Cardioid or uni-directional mics pick up…


Runaway Brother Live Music Video Releases December 18th

Runaway Brother ‘Live From Bad Racket’ Releases December 18th   Cleveland based rock band Runaway Brother, will be releasing a music video of them performing their song ‘Faking It’ Live From Bad Racket Recording Studio on December 18th. We are really excited about this one, not just because they are from Cleveland, but they have…


Interview: Analog Vs Digital, Streaming, Vinyl, and the Music Business

Interview: Analog Vs Digital, Streaming, Vinyl, and the Music Business Interview Questions by A Random Lakewood Resident and Responses by James Kananen Producer from Bad Racket Recording Studio   How has music streaming affected you? What about your clients?   Streaming has affected me personally by allowing me to enjoy many types of music i…


Sexy Pig Divas Live From Bad Racket Recording Studio Cleveland

  We’re excited to announce the  premiere of a new SexyPigDivas Video from our Live from Bad Racket series filmed in our Cleveland, Ohio studios.   SexyPigDivas is a indie jitter rock band band emotion experience featuring husband wife duo Katie Makita and Nick Gregg from Kent, Ohio. Check out their upcoming release “Gods and…

Live Recording Room

Choosing drum heads for recording

Choosing Drum Heads for Recording in the Studio   Drum heads can affect the tone of your drums more than any other factor. If your drum heads are poorly tuned or worn out you cant expect the same sound. Drummers head preferences vary widely from double ply coated to more ringing single ply heads. Generally…